Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why do women color their hair SO much? Wait... Maybe it's just me!

I've always messed around with my hair. A lot.
I bleached just my fringe/bangs in the 80's to have the same hair style as John Taylor from Duran Duran ... Then I shaved it on the sides... It's just growing back here.
My mom always let me do what I wanted with my hair, she said since I was a good kid, she wasn't going to fret about hair color. (Yay for my cool mom!)...

I was mostly my natural color in my 20's, I had long lovely brown hair.
I'd highlight it now and again, but nothing too extreme. Then I went blonde for a few years. 

But Then I started to approach 40. 
And for the first time in my life, I gave red a try.
Here I am on my 40th Birthday, I liked the red actually, but my mom said it made me "Look Harsh", Thanks for the brutal honesty mom!

Ginger is hot!

So why did I color my hair back brunette then?
Who knows.
This is 2009

By 2010 I was blond again
I mean for real
People would think I was undercover or something as much as I color my hair

This made me smile, this is so me!

By the beginning of 2011. Brown again.
NOW I'm starting to get on my own nerves!

That lasted a whole 2 minutes

And she's off again...
A strawberry blond in 2011

By the time 2012 rolled around, I was bleach blonde
I liked being blonde but it completely stripped my hair.

2013 and still blonde?
Wait what?!?!

For my 44th birthday my mom treated me to This look
Remember when I talked about it Here

So why do women put so much of their identity into their hair? I've mentioned before that I have a son with Alopecia Areata, he's completely without hair, no eyebrows and no eyelashes either. So I should be a lot more grateful. 

Why am I talking about this now? Because I start work in a week, and I'm fighting with myself about how I want to present myself and my hair for a new school year. The trouble with growing in my natural color, I have discovered over the last year, that I've started to get mucho grey hair. But I'm not going down without a fight... Does this make me shallow? Am I putting too much focus on something that matters not?

Look at this amazing grey hair!
I mean this is just WOW!

But I just don't know if I can do it! After my last bought of hair color in May, over the summer my roots have seriously come in and the rest is a blondish red. So ... I bought this color Saturday.
I think this Revlon Colorsilk 42 is a lovely color. A medium auburn. However, once you start coloring your hair red, you have to re-color it monthly, it washes out so quickly.

I'm more worried that I'm going through a midlife crisis.
I am NOT midlife.
That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

I read an article written by a Hair dresser that does hair for the stars. He said "The right hair color can give you confidence, enhance your mood and make you feel sexy"... It's an interesting article about our hair and self esteem.. It's Here

I'd really like to hear from others about this, is too much of a woman's self esteem tied to her hair? Are we programmed because of society that grey hair is the enemy instead of just believing it's a natural way to progress into another level of beauty? 

I feel pretty good about the person on the inside. But the person on the outside is a current mess!
Maybe it's the 5 kids that did it... haha!


  1. It's so much fun looking back at all these photos of you! I'm sure you'll make whatever colour you settle on work for you.

    I am a brunette and wish I could go blonde but it just doesn't suit my skin tone. Sometimes I go darker brown but I haven't coloured me hair for about five years now. I actually quite like my natural colour! x

  2. Hi Tammy, we are definitely from the same era. My bedroom walls were plastered with Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet and Human League. My hair was very short one one-side and a bob on the other. Oh and I had a little plait at the back with a ribbon in it. Very Adam Ant!! and I had discovered the peroxide, and the blue spray! Hair has always been important to me too. I have decided not to dye anymore. Sometimes it's a little wearing, but once you get through that certain stage, it's a lot more freeing, plus your not letting all those nasty chemicals into your body. This was a big motivation for me. Permanent brown dye actually contains really nasty chemicals. you can get eco ones now though. It's a tough call! who's under the hair dye! Heather x

  3. I had blonde flashes put in my hair in my teens. I had them put in so regularly for a few years that eventually I was just about totally blonde. Since then, I went back to my natural brown colour and have never used hair dye since. My mum's 79 in November yet she's never dyed her hair in her life, and she's only just getting a few grey hairs now.

  4. Hmm, my hair hasn't been it's natural colour since I was 15! At 15 I had a crew cut that was hennaed bright orange. I then had a mohican that went through various shades over a year or two. Since then it has always been pretty short and mostly red, apart from a short time as a blonde. At the moment I have a very short bob that is a dark red but I'm sure it will change soon! I too, have a worrying number of grey hairs appearing at the roots though!
    M x

  5. This is going to sound crazy but I've never dyed my hair! I have dark brown hair and I like it. I'm starting to get more and more gray hairs now but I actually like them, they're kind of like the highlights I've never had. I think that if I ever did anything I would do subtle lighter brown highlights, maybe slightly reddish. I'm always jealous of my daughter who has sandy-blond hair hair with streaks ranging from honey to white. I hope she keeps it because they're the prettiest highlights. Women pay good money for hair like hers! You look very young for your age, by the way. :)

  6. Tammy, If my hair were super thick and would go gray over night...then I would accept being gray. But it's getting gray in weird ways..so I color it. I always think a woman should let her man gray beofre she does. LOL. You looked cute in all those colors. xoxo,Susie

  7. I color my gray for sure! But I color as close to my normal color as possible. I also use Revlon. I love the conditioner with it.

  8. You are lucky Tammy, in that all those colours suited you.
    I've never died my hair, I always felt it was colourful enough on its own accord - red, with natural highlights from blondish to auburn. Now I'm plucking out the greys all the time and think the day may soon come when I have to have it coloured for the first time.
    I say go for it with that revlon dye.

  9. I remember dying mine like John Taylor's with the blonde fringe. Them were the days! I'm the same age and I too dye mine so many times. I made a mistake last month and dyed it three times in the same week (it was TOO RED, then DARKER RED, then BLACK). I now have a line of grey going down my parting and thinking it's time to go lighter. They say that don't they? Don't have your colour too dark as you get older as your skin goes lighter. So mine is going to go a lighter brown this month (if the black comes out!) and then a bit lighter each month until I have a similar colour to the roots - not so much dying then. Love the shots of London in your photos. Coming from London and now living a little more north I can't get enough of visiting there when I can. xx

  10. Way too much of my self esteem is attached to my hair. :o( If I'm having a really bad hair day, I just won't leave the house. Stupid, right? But I have REALLY thin hair. I mean REALLY thin, so it's hard to get it to look good most days. Not to mention I can't color it - what I have would likely fall out! So I'm stuck as a brunette for the rest of my life, I guess - or at least until I go gray, too!

    Personally, I think you look best as a brunette. I like your 2009 color because it looks so good with your skin color.

  11. I loved looking over your pictures you were cute when you were younger but I have to say I think you might be one of those fine wine women as it looks like you have come into your own in your 40's and your blooming those 2011 2012 pics you are just so lovely looking

  12. Hi Tammy. Thanks for following. Read with interest on a Sunday morning where yet again I plan to do my roots. Hate colouring my hair but not yet brave enough to give up totally. And my teenage daughter was horrified when I suggested recently that I'd just let it go grey. Doesn't want me to look like the older mum I am. Yet her dad's hair is grey- what he has left of it that is! You are not at all shallow - I understand your dilemma.


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