Saturday, September 21, 2013

Art is in my Heart

School has been back in session for a month now, you would think that I was completely and perfectly organized, you would think that I was in some sort of routine by now.
Well I am. Kind of. If you call "Flying by the seat of your pants" organized.

I had everything perfectly planned out in my head.
Because I have no more commuting time, I would spend more time with my kids after school, we would do something together, like go for walks or I'd sit outside and read while the kids play at the park, we would then come in and while I cook they would do homework, and then few chores I have for the kids and myself would get done. THEN we would get baths and such and I would have some time to study or do whatever.

I'm hilarious!

More like... I don't know if I'm coming or going.
And I don't like how that feels.
I have had no time for myself, and that's very stressful. When I feel stressed the first thing I do is shut down, not in a serious sense of staying in bed or anything like that, but after work I fall on the couch and watch 3 hours of "Call the Midwife" (I Have Hannah hooked on it too), mean while my house looks like a bomb of papers, toys, dirty laundry and homework went off. Seriously, if you saw my apartment right now I would want the earth to swallow me from embarrassment!

One of the things that I miss the most is crafting. I love paper crafts, crochet... well, I love to just make things! I don't want to wait for crafting until I have a holiday, or until after my degree is finished, so I have to find a way to be organized enough so that I can do what I need to do, and maybe have some time to do what I WANT to do as well? Is this possible for a single mom that works full time and studies?

Reading a blog during the week on the Van Gogh Museum, made me pine for art. It's an excellent post and you can read it HERE.

So I went looking at some of the things I have done. I have done a lot of "Scrapbooking" and keeping things neat and orderly and in albums and all that, but at the end of the day... It's not my "art", my art is adding on, sewing on, ripping up, cutting up and painting on... doing what others may think is a mess. Well not always a mess, but you will see what I mean... I can really get stuck in when I sew on paper, I will often even sew pieces from baby clothing the children wore when they were younger onto paper. I've done a lot of sewing, but here are just a couple of pages I've sewn.
I love to rip up paper! It's just so therapeutic!
And more fun? Ripping and Painting!
Or just painting...
Once in awhile, if I have an extra copy, I like to just cut pictures up!
And sometimes, I just get a little crazy and add and add and add and add... 

But no matter what I do with my craft, I ENJOY what I do, and I need it, I need it because it relaxes me, it allows an outlet to relieve stress. Looking at pictures of my kids and how much I love them is therapeutic as well. It makes me feel humble and grateful.
Even if no one else ever appreciates what I do, it's okay. I do it for me. 

All the mom's out there... I need your organisational tips for kids after school. I think one of my biggest faults is when I'm tired after work, I won't clean up a mess as soon as it's made (Or have the kids clean up their messes), thinking I'll take care of it in the morning or the next day, but then I come home from work and again feel overwhelmed walking in to a mess! So I do know that this is one of the things that has to change in order for there to be more time for myself on the weekends instead of just cleaning my weekend away!

Your tips would be appreciated and greatly welcomed!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Tammy x


  1. That's my link!!!! Wow! Thanks!! :o)

    It is so funny how when time frees itself up (like your long commute disappearing) somehow we are able to fill that newly available time in like 10 seconds flat. How do we do that so easily?! I thought moving to London would free up so much time for me, but it's quite the opposite! How does this happen?! I hate that feeling of not knowing whether you're coming or going either. I always feel like I'm missing something important when I do that!

  2. I haven't done much scrapbooking but I love to see other people's work. Yours look really great! I try to keep organized by having a designated space for all the school supplies, which is a repurposed microwave cart in the family room/kitchen area. I'm a half homeschooler so I have textbooks, arts and crafts, paper, etc., all together to get to them easily. Then I have a peg rack near the front door at kid-height for their backpacks and my son's homework bin, which he carries back and forth with his notebooks and other work inside (it's a small, shallow bin with a lid). They have to put their things away as soon as they're done using them, which isn't always easy to enforce, but it helps a lot.

  3. Isn't ripping up paper the best? I love it! Good for you, making time to be creative. I think when we do that (and we don't do it often enough), it makes us creative in the rest of our lives, too! Bravo for you!

  4. I used to do scrapbooking, love your pages. I know how hard it is to keep things anywhere near tidy with children. I tend to think it will all be done one day... Do try not to be too hard on yourself Tammy. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. Love your scrapbooking and that you have had fun with the kids!
    When my kids were home and in school one of the last things I did at night as a quick sweep through just so the house was picked up. If I didn't have time to put it away I went through with a laundry basket and just dumped everything in there that was out of place. It as then easier to tackle it (with the kid's help) the next day when I got home. xo Diana

  6. Loving your scrapbooking. It's something I have always wanted to do. I managed to scrapbook my wedding photos but that was as far as it ever got. I may have to give it a try soon.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Don't worry about mess I'm at home all day so it's tidy until Lily arrives home, and then it looks like I haven't done a thing. Kids! (we do love them lots though!) xxx

  7. I think you hit the nail on the head, it's so much easier if things are put away straight after you've used them. It's the real world though and that doesn't always happen. I admire anyone who works full time and has kids, I don't know how you do it, and being a single parent as well, you have my respect.

  8. I have messaged you on Facebook! Damsons are just little plums!
    I think the biggest problem is work makes you tired and when you get home you just don't have the energy to all things you thought you would do later when you letf the house in the morning!! I am sure you will get into a routine soon though.

  9. I only have myself to look after and my house is still a mess at the moment and it does stress you out, I am usually quite organised.
    You have a lot to juggle so don't beat yourself up about a little mess, the main thing is everyone is healthy and happy.
    Love your creativity. x

  10. I love all your scrapbooking Tammy, that's my kind of fun. I've just started some art journalling and am enjoying using mixed media for this kind of artwork. I find this so relaxing but I do agree the best thing is to clear away when all is done. There's nothing worse than coming down in the morning to find a mess, whether its the dirty dishes or paints and glue pots everywhere I really hate it but its only natural sometimes to just leave it. I so admire your stamina. Working full time, bringing up the children, studying for your degree and thinking about moving abroad - a lot for one single mum to deal with. I think you should be proud of yourself so don't worry, it'll sort itself out.
    Patricia x

  11. No organization tips, but I love the scrapbook page with the bead flower, I'm sure you are doing a great job of being a mom, so don't worry too much about the dust bunnies, they won't leave you!!


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