Monday, September 2, 2013

Farewell Summer. HELLO AUTUMN!

Who am I trying to kid?
I live in Texas.
It's the surface of the sun for about 6 months out of the year, with 3 warm months and then 3 "Cooler" months.
But that's okay, It's September 2nd, and Labor Day weekend, which is the official end of summer in the United States. Autumn is my most favorite time of year!! I love the colors and when the first crisp morning arrives... ahhhhhhh.... Just breathing in that crisp cold air. (Okay, Texas... again.. "Kind of coolish air").

But having been raised on the Canadian Border, I know what a true Autumn looks like, when the trees turn colors of reds and maroon, of orange and bright yellow. Autumn in New England is breath taking.

This was a few days ago, and our last trip to the pool...
It's hard to believe our pools actually shut down in Austin after September, even though it's still blistering hot outdoors, but they do!
Here is Hannah and Andy at our last pool visit...
So what did I do this summer?

  • I enjoyed many many many many hours with my children.
  • I enjoyed my last summer off before I wrap up my Science degree, which will mean studying next summer, so I indulged with as little brain activity as possible this summer.
  • I learned to Crochet.
  • I cleaned out and organized every single closet and cupboard in my house.
  • I downsized many things. MANY items are now either shipped off after being sold on ebay or at a donation shop.
  • I made over $300 selling on ebay. Not a lot. But after all, it's little stuff, the items I won't be moving to the UK with us.... I still have many boxes... lots more stuff. But selling on ebay is tedious and hard to stick with, so I've decided to just do it little by little.
  • I went to the Coast of Texas with my family.
  • I pet a couple of sting rays.
  • I took my kids to the pool at LEAST 60 times. We have played and swam many laps together.
  • I applied for, interviewed at and got a job at a new school. It's not a new job, just a new school, and I'm loving it!
  • I baked with the children, and baked some more.... and made candy.
In the end, I got a bit lazy, I was looking forward to school starting and the routine getting back to normal... But I enjoyed every minute of our lazy!

So what's a girl to do on Labor Day weekend?
Well start unpacking the Autumn dishes! I prefer to decorate in Autumn colors, even for Halloween; as creepy things all over my house don't really suit me, but I will allow bats and spiders and a few spooky things when it gets closer to Halloween. For now, I just enjoy the rich Autumn colors of plum, maroon and deep oranges. Ahhh Did I mention I love Autumn??

I love these pumpkin coffee cups... I have them sitting on top of my Microwave, I suppose they could be used, if the kids want to they can, but I just find them too cute for words, so I have them on display for looks.
Our Autumn Glasses.
They remind me of Autumn in Maine and Canada
It's the simple things in life that make me smile.
And my Autumn dishes, well... They aren't anything spectacular, but I LOVE the color, plum... A deep plum color.
I've decided to pace myself. I'm not going to go whipping out all of my pumpkin and spice decorations, but once October starts creeping up... you betcha sweet bottom this house will be decorated :)
 I hope that when I'm living in England that my neighbors don't think I'm a complete weirdo for decorating for the fall. I can't help myself... And when Christmas gets closer, it's all sorts of festive around here. I have kids, and that's the way it should be! I celebrated summer at the pool and in the sun, I'm celebrating Autumn with rich colors!
On that note, I'm back at University. I took one exam today, it took about an hour and a half, and I've started a class called "Thinking Mathematically" (Hold me back people. I'm on fire!)

Have a great week my friends!


  1. Woe, you achieved a lot this Summer! I don't think I could cope with the kind of heat you talk about all year - you will certainly find it different in the UK! I love your fall decorations and can't wait to see what you do at Christmas! Julie x

  2. Tammy you have got me even more excited to be going to New England! Only a couple of days now.
    I love autumn too, looking forward to it and I love how you Americans decorate your homes for the seasons.We tend not to so much but I have started adding a few little decorative touches with various seasons. I love all the traditional autumn colours and if you were my neighbour I would be thrilled to see all your 'little touches'.
    You have had such a busy summer!!

  3. You've had a great summer. I know we're in to September now (my birthday today), but I'm not letting go of summer quite yet. We're forecast some more good weather so I hope they've got it right.

  4. Sounds like you've had a great family summer, Tammy! It was 38 degrees F. when I got up this morning! Summer is definitely over up here. I love fall too. What is your target date for England? Ah, England!

    Love the pics of the kids at the pool. :-)

  5. You got so much done this summer. I wish I had room for seasonal dishes. Yours are so pretty. You know what, here in Albuquerque the outdoor city pools close around the second week of August! And it's very hot here too. Isn't that weird? I'm usually tired of swimming by then every summer anyway, but plenty of other people would still go.

  6. You've had a great Summer with lots done and now it sounds like you're getting ready for Autumn. The grandchildren went back to school today so I'm just waiting to hear how they got on. Our grand daughter did well with her Spanish GCSE which she took a year early and our college grandson got good grades for his. Have a good week!

  7. I love the way that you treat Autumn as a real season. In the UK it can end up just being an 'uncomfortable gap' between the August Bank Holiday and Christmas!!! Jx

  8. Tammy- It sounds like you had a wonderful summer and enjoyed every moment of it with your kids. I can't believe that nest year you will be in England. I am glad you were able to purge your items and make a few dollars selling things, too. Good for you. I hope you have a wonderful Fall. xo Diana
    ps. Did you know that when you leave a comment on my blog you are a No Reply blogger? I can't respond to you via email...just know that I read, and love, all your comments.

  9. There is no other Autumn like autumn in Canada and the Northern States. I don't know if I could deal with the heat year round.


  10. Sounds like you have had a busy summer, and a busy time coming up.

  11. Tammy what a wonderful summer you've had but like me you love Autumn and I can't wait now for the cooler days ahead. Not that I don't like summer but there's something about Autumn and the cooler mornings, the darker evenings, the planning for (dare I say it) Christmas. Good luck with your studying and glad you like your new school. Incidentally, we've been having a bit of an Indian summer here in the UK and it's still very hot during the days but not for long I gather. Not as hot as you've had it in Texas though.
    Patricia x

  12. It sounds as though you've had such a busy and happy summer! Congrats on the new job, that's brilliant. x

  13. Woah! Summer just down and you are racing into fall... Tammy, You crack me up! Look out for the postman soon... he's on his way to you! Hazel xxx

  14. Wow it sounds like you've had a wonderful summer. Go for the decorations while you're in the UK. Last year I made a wreath for Fall put it on my door but for some werid reason one neighbour decided to put her christmas wreath up at the same time. Traditionally we don't like over stated but I think it looks great and will be decorating again this year. I've already got plans for pumpkins.
    Ali x
    PS You brave woman, Math, I'd run a mile.


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