Monday, September 30, 2013

Meaningful Monday

These two peanuts.
They are just delicious and wonderful in all ways!

My older 3... Young men now. Dont need me... But I still get to be a mommy to these two. (YAY!! Go me!! :)

Andy and Hannah
Mostly called Drew boy, Andy man....
Banana, Peanut or (since birth)
Peanut Butter and Hannah Jelly sandwich!

Andrew is 11 loves riding his bike, playing football, obsessed with Reeses Peanut butter cups, hates math, plays minecraft, insists that big foot AND the loch Ness monster are real, believes in aliens, loves Dr. Who and grows like a weed!

Sweet Hannah Rose is a girly girl through and through (she was upset that I made her wear sneakers for this photo because she said they didnt go with her dress but ...we were walking a museum so I insisted). Hannah is bilingual.  She loves her dolls and the color pink. She's in the gifted and talented math program, and loves to write short stories, she also loves to dance and bake!

Both are super excited about England!!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Tammy, Please tell Hannah, that I love her shoes. When you are young and cute you can wear anything. Your son reminds me of my 23 year old g.son when he was Drew's age. Sweet kids. You are hug and squeeze them all the time. xoxo,Susie

  2. How lovely that you still have little ones at home when your older ones have flown the nest. There was a 12 year age gap between my sister and I and an 8 year gap between me and my brother. I'd have loved to have had more children than the two I've got, but I thank my lucky stars that I have them, some people aren't as lucky.

  3. Ah, lovely picture of your two youngest. Love their nicknames! xx

  4. They're really cute, Tammy. Interesting that Hannah is bilingual; what is her other language? Do your other children speak it too?

  5. I love family nicknames... They always come with so much love and affection! Jx

  6. Nothing beats the love and kindness of children, great nicknames.

  7. Lovely photo Tammy, they're both so cute. Maybe we'll get to meet in 'real life' when you're over here? X

  8. Lovely photos of your two youngest Tammy and love their nicknames. They sure will enjoy England and bet they can't wait for their adventure to begin.
    Patricia x

  9. They're adorable! I'm sure they'll love exploring England and making their home here. We'll be happy to have you all!

  10. A lovely photo of your two youngest. I'm sure they keep you active, fit and young in mind and body! Love to see all the photos of your children. Our oldest grandson and his wife is coming to stay tomorrow. It's his birthday today and we're looking forward to seeing the young couple and showing them around our area of Yorkshire.


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