Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Docklands, London

Have you ever been to the Docklands in London? Have you ever visited Canary Wharf?

Canary Wharf is another financial district of London... It's practically brand new and was Master planned by American architects.
 The buildings are built around water... Of course.
 The area is well kept and beautiful...
 What a lovely place for a flat... I bet you could buy a small island for the price!
The Docklands ... Well they were just... "Docks"... Where ships would dock and trade. London used to be the largest port in Europe, actually... It used to be the largest port in the World! It's where The British Empire once did all of it's trading. The Docklands form part of the boroughs of Southwark, Tower Hamlets,Lewisham, Newham and Greenwhich.
Canary Wharf is part of The Docklands and so is "The Isle of Dogs"... The Docklands are an extremely interesting part of East London and has hours and hours of fascinating history. There is no way that you could take it all in at once, The Docklands must be visited time and time again!
The Isle of Dogs
When taking the tube to The Docklands you will have the enjoyment of riding on the "DLR" (Docklands Light Railway), which is a train that is not powered by any driver! It's a lot of fun to sit in the front seat and look through the front windows, which you don't have the pleasure of doing on most trains.
                                                            View from the front seat...
I have had the satisfaction of visiting the Docklands twice. I thoroughly enjoyed both visits, there is so much to see and do. Canary Wharf (What I saw of it) is pristine and looks nearly perfect, most of the Docklands are newly renovated and have a lot to offer, from shopping to museums to just beautiful scenery. There are historic warehouses, old riverside pubs and plenty of new developments. Just look at some of these views...
 Some of the renovated Docks...
 I would love to live in one of these houses...
I also had the pleasure of visiting the Docklands Museum with a friend, you can visit free of charge and be filled with years of the London docks history.
The museum is an old transformed warehouse. Just look at those doors...

 And this window...
Apparently these were a rather big deal at the time and would be put out on the docks as a warning to behave, there was also a belief at the time that if you committed heinous crimes then you didn't deserve to have a proper burial. Rumor has it they would hang for years.
A bit barbaric for my liking, but words like "Human Rights" weren't exactly thrown around and there was no such thing as being politically correct.
 I absolutely love seeing how London used to be, but I'm so grateful to live in today's world!
I know this photo isn't that clear, but it's of a doorway, I'm always amazed at how short the doorways always are.
And for some fun... No this isn't a "Dalek", this isn't Dr. Who... These little metal things were used during the war when London was being bombed. I don't think I would have felt any more safe in one of these, but I've been blessed enough to never be in a war zone, so I wouldn't know! They were a tight squeeze!
One of the days that we visited the Docklands it was rainy out, of course it was bizarre as it never rains in England (I'm hilarious eh?)
And Just having some fun...
 Yes, I do kiss strange statues with puckered lips...
So many photos... But I haven't even covered a tiny bit of the beauty that The Docklands have to offer, you must visit...

A great 5 minute video on the Docklands is HERE

A free copy of  information on the Docklands from "Time out London" magazine can be found HERE
(Also Included in the download is all sorts of cool information about Greenwich, the DLR and Canary Wharf)

Get just about any copy of a tube map HERE
When I mean "Any" I'm talking about Toilet maps, Bike maps... The works.

Most of the photos used are my own, however the map, aerial view of the Isle of Dogs and the train photos are actually taken off of the internet doing a google search. Please feel free to use any and all photos, as I don't own the internet and my photos are always for your viewing pleasure.

Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!


  1. What a wonderful trip seeing the Docklands through your eyes, Tammy. I can tell how you love England with every fiber of your being. I loved this post. Those little dome "pods" are kind of xo Diana

  2. ps. In case no one else told you today-you are a beautiful woman-

  3. Great post Tammy! I live in Canary Wharf and think it's one of the best spots in the city. For tourists I'd recommend walking from Tower Bridge, through Wapping, to the Docklands. It's 2-3 miles of great scenery!

  4. I have never been to that area! See it as you come into London on the train! Perhaps I will soon as my niece starts work in one of the banks in one of the biggest buildings on Monday! Will have to pop and see her!

  5. I haven't been around London for a long time now, kind of missing it! I must go for a day out there soon. Heather x

  6. I'm embarrassed to know so little about my own country....and you know so much! I've only visited a tiny part of Docklands once, when the Olympics were on and it is a pretty place. In fact I'm always surprised at how lovely most of London is, I really should visit more often, its only a 2 hour train ride away! Have a fab weekend Tammy! x

  7. Oh Tammy, you and me both. As you know I have a passion for London and lucky that I'm only about 35 minutes away by train. We're always popping into town. Love Docklands and spend many a happy hour or two just sitting in one of the pavement cafes just people watching - although I don't say no to a glass of something to while away the time! The Docklands museum is excellent and often take our grandsons there. I'm just putting together a few blogging walks through the City which I hope to post soon. I've just enrolled on a ten week leisure course (no studying or exams) on the history of the Tower of London which I'm really looking forward to. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Patricia x

  8. Definitely look like an area worth seeing!! Thanks for sharing!! Another area to add to the list!!

  9. I haven't been to that part of London and would love to see it, as well as the Thames Barrier and Greenwich! Your photos are wonderful.

  10. Fantastic post, Tammy! You did a great job. Looking forward to seeing you in November.

  11. I've only visited London three times so there's so many parts of it that I haven't seen, Docklands is one, so your post was very interesting.

  12. It looks like a very interesting place to visit. I've never been to the UK at all but I think I'd like to see this area when I go someday.

  13. Brilliant blog, great posts and beautiful proprietress! What to want more ...
    I'd love to follow you (bloglovin + GTC) and welcome to visit my
    blog about fashion - .

    Katherine Unique

  14. Tammy, I like your photos. It's nice to see different sights of London....some we never see in the usual pictures. xoxo, Susie

  15. Tammy you are a gem! My grandad was one of the many people who were instrumental in getting the museum up and running. Some of his exhibits are in there along with his name on a few bits and pieces. If you go to the Docklands Museum website and type in Tom Stothard, you can actually hear his voice from one of the many recordings he did. I witnessed the docklands being regenerated and this is truly home to me. Thank you so much in showing this part of London off and helping me check in when I'm not able to be there. Bless your heart xx

  16. Interesting read. I can't wait to get there one day (soon, I hope). Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a kind note. We couldn't have more kids, so the dog are the next best thing. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Take care.

  17. HI Tammy, got to confess I have never been there. In fact I havent been to London that many times in my life. I have loved it when we have though. I would love to visit the archives and I found my 4X grandmother came from Shoreditch, london so it would be nice just to walk the same streets she did.

  18. You are a hoot! That last picture cracks me up!

    So I learned something new today - I had heard of the DLR but had no clue what it meant!

  19. Although I live in England I have never been to Docklands. I feel as if I have now though thanks to your pictures!!

  20. Wow, what a fabulous post full of photos! I was just thinking this past weekend that I haven't explored the Docklands area nearly enough and I definitely need to go to that branch of the Museum of London!


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