Sunday, September 8, 2013

Three Positives!

I want to thank you for your helpful comments about my mom. She refuses... and I do mean REFUSES to fly. So coming to see me in England is not an option. She will not take a ship either, as she can't swim and she's afraid to. Basically, as I type this, I realize... there are a lot of fears and control issues going on here, if she can't drive and feel as if she's in control-- She won't go. In saying that, I love my mom dearly, she has many good qualities, she would normally do anything for her children, or her grandchildren. She rarely supports me in any venture that doesn't include being near her BUT I love her, very much... However, my heart is elsewhere and I will follow my heart's desire. My desire is in line with a good life for my children as well.

Moving on to Positive. 

For every negative, I must have at least 3 positives! I must! So this ... I must share. This summer when I was going through and de-cluttering (Looking around here right now at all this stuff I wonder how I fit the now donated lot of "stuff" in), I came across these two frames. Both have some dings, and both had the glass broken on them... I was just getting ready to chuck them in the donation pile when I thought "Hey, I can put art in those"...
This one is just of a picture that I found on pinterest. I really liked it, Someone had taken ribbons and tied them to the back of a chair for a party, it's just so pretty! I printed it out, slapped it on some scrapbook paper and put it in the frame. Inexpensive color added to the room. The best part, I didn't pay a thing so when I move, I just donate it or give it away.
More inexpensive art? A child's art of course! My daughter of 8 painted this flower, I fell in love and couldn't add it to the pile of unseen art!! 
SO! Popped in the frame!
Of course this one I will never part with, as it's made by my Princess Peanut.
And another super positive?
A few months back I was mailed this bar of soap as a gift. It's not just ANY bar of soap, it's hand made, it's vegan and it's natural.
I only just opened it because I had it on display in a basket on a shelf in my bathroom. But I just had to open it, I needed a "pretty" pick me up, and this would do nicely.
It smells GORGEOUS!!!! And I just saw on her website that she's selling pumpkin bars now as well, I think it's about time I tried that soap too!
The ridges feel good against the skin, it's an interesting little bar.
There are also grainy bits on the opposite side, exfoliating and smelling good?? I'm on it!
I thought for sure this soap would not sudsy up, I only thought that because I was told home made soaps don't. I was told wrong. I'll never buy bar soap from a store again!
I'm sharing this with you not because I'm being asked to, or paid to.
I'm telling you, this soap is brilliant! My skin was soft after and I didn't have that "dried out" feel that regular soap leaves behind.
You will be happy if you try some! They are not expensive, I plan to buy plenty as gifts. Last Christmas I made body scrubs as presents for the women in my family, I plan to do it again... and put one of these decadent bars with my scrubs!
You can find the Etsy shop to buy these delightful delicious soaps right HERE
And HERE is the blog of Judy that makes these beauties!

In closing, I would like to share a photo that has helped me this week.
I failed an exam that was very very important.
Why did I fail?
I got complacent, I didn't study, I hardly even paid attention to it and I rushed through it.
All of the things that I share with my students NOT to do...
I did.
I laid in bed for a day, reading magazines and eating chocolate.
Then I told my self
"Self, get off of your big butt, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get on with it, ya big baby!"

This is a mistake that I will learn from.
I re-take the test in 3 months.
I'm studying an hour a day for it.
I will rock it next time.

I leave this with you... It helped me a lot.
Have a great week!


  1. Aw, Tammy, thank you so much for the nice things said about my soaps. :-)

    I'm sorry your mom feels that way. It is a shame that she's not allowing herself to fly. She could enjoy traveling so much, especially with such a good excuse to do so.

    I think you are right to follow those dreams, and I like the quote!

  2. I knew, even before you said, that it was Judy's soap. I just adore her-she is so down-to-earth and real. If I didn't have a friend that kept me supplied with home made soap I would buy hers- xo Diana

  3. I'm glad you're looking for the positive. It will be okay. :)

  4. you are inspiring Tammy How do you do it? love you girlfriend
    Michele in NY :)

  5. I had a feeling it may be Judy. I will have to buy some soaps from her as if they are as good as her blog then I can't lose! I love the quote and will print that off for my wall in work - I'm going to need this for this week. Take care. Chel x

  6. That's a great picture and thought at the end of your post....
    I also love your daughter's picture. She's got a great eye for colour. Jx

  7. I love your saying about 3 good things to one negative it's loads more positive than my saying that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Nice soap I also make soap for my family to . I hope that you and your mum get to meet up again soon

  8. Do you think your mom has some kind of a travel phobia? If so perhaps she can get some help. If not, she might change her mind and visit after all.

  9. You know all the rules don't you - balancing 3 positives against a negative. A shame about your Mum, but I expect she just knows how much she will miss you, but as you say there are so many ways to stay in touch.
    I love real soap, often make my own, so different to shop bought, a completely different thing altogether.
    You asked about Colchester Zoo, it is open every day of the year except for one - Christmas day!
    Get cracking on that revision and pass that exam next time!
    Lizzy x

  10. Hi Tammy. I tried to comment on your last post but kept having problems for some reason and it wouldn't publish. No matter. All I was going to say was that you really do have to follow your dreams. I do feel sorry for your mum because if it was my daughter leaving the country I would be mortified BUT I'd be behind her all the way. I can't imagine how she must be feeling. However I would move heaven and earth to find a way of visiting. Perhaps your mum might think about making visits to you once you've moved. She's in denial at the moment and probably doesn't want to accept that you have your own life to lead. I do wish you and her a happy resolution to this problem. I love the look of your frames, what a good idea. Hannah's picture is gorgeous and so colourful. Take care.
    Patricia x

    1. PS I forgot to say Tammy, so sorry to hear about your exam. It's a horrible feeling I know but at least you can do a re-sit and wish you good luck when you do.
      Patricia x

  11. Sorry to hear about the exam, but I think we all need a wake up call sometimes and you definitely won't fail it next time. I love your idea for the frames, especially as you have such a treasured piece of art to display, Hannah's picture is lovely.

  12. Tammy, I love the picture your daughter made. I wish you better luck with your tests. Sad about your mom's fears.xoxo,Susie

  13. So sorry about your exam Tammy, but your attitude is so positive and you have learned and moved on, so that is good. Maybe when you move your mother will examine her refusal to fly and step outside of her comfort zone and give it a go. If it is a phobia, maybe she will be able to seek professional help. If not, it's her choice, and it will be a shame for her to miss seeing you (and to miss all of the amazingness that is England!) but she will still be in contact with you I am sure. The picture and the saying are wonderful. It is always good to be reminded that it is never to late to follow your dream.

  14. LOVE that funky soap! It's wonderful!

    Thanks for stopping by -- I've got to get to following your blog -- there's so much to like!

    And yes, you're right about Cracker Barrell -- it is indeed a big general store!


Thank you for your positive comments!