Monday, October 28, 2013

Meaningful Mondays

A day dedicated to only my children and my family.

It took some time to come up with "Meaningful Mondays", I had so much help with plays on wording from friends, so many great ideas... and as I was going to pick one to write this post... I visited my mom in the hospital.

I knew she was going in for a procedure today. She refused to let anyone go with her and drove herself to the hospital. She had an Angiogram, as my mom is a heart patient and has had shortness of breath and a very bad reading when she wore a heart monitor for a week. 

Up until this evening I didn't know which one of my children or family events I wanted to write about, but when I left the hospital, I thought to myself..."My mom means a lot to me"... And there you have it. Meaningful Mondays.

Mom had to have 3 stints put in. Hopefully she will be out of the tomorrow. Mom is still having shortness of breath and her heart rhythm is off so I hope they find the cause of her issues, by her rhythm being off, I mean that she is having constant heart palpitations and says that her heart feels as if it is "rolling".

Please... Feel free to pray for my mom. Mom is 61, she's already had open heart surgery... 15 years ago. She could use your prayers.

Here is my mom combing Hannah's hair when we visited tonight.
When I took this photo my mom reached behind her to make sure her butt crack wasn't hanging out! It was funny :) I assured her that I didn't take a photo of her backside!

Why does it take someone being in the hospital or for bad things to happen before we stop and think "Hey I really love that person!!". Is that human nature? Or just selfish nature? Or perhaps, we just get so busy living life, that we forget the most important aspects of living! 

I will be grateful for every day that I have with my mother. 
I will be grateful for every day that I have with my children. I will focus on the good and not on the bad and above all else I will remember life is short and life is precious.
I will not sweat the small stuff.

My mom's favorite flower is the yellow rose, so I bought her a dozen, I always forget how beautiful they are until I have one right under my nose.
I hope you have a wonderful week. I encourage you to focus on the positive, to accept what you can't change and to stop and smell the roses!
Tammy x

Monday, October 21, 2013

It's all the rage!

I've been dedicating Mondays to my family and calling it Mondays Menage.
But I have to be honest about something.
The word "Menage" just isn't sitting well with me.
Even though Menage means "Members of a Household" I just can't swallow this pill.
I can't see the word "Menage" without thinking of "Menage a Trois"... and that just freaks me out because this is a day dedicated to my family. 
Bye-Bye Menage :)
I need a name.
I was trying to be clever. See what that got me?
I wanted Monday to be positive.
My last few Monday's have been real crap (This morning I had to spend $143 on a car battery and was very late for work!). So I dedicate my Mondays to my family and children, it keeps things in a great perspective for me. It keeps me focused on what life is all about, on the positive!
I need a name.

SO. Now to my post. These little rubber bands are all the rage right now. Are they in your part of the World as well? Girls are making them into bracelets. It started when I noticed a few kids wearing them at the Middle School I work at... Then Hannah started asking me for the "Rubber bands she could make bracelets into"... and since I have the hardest time saying no to a book or a craft (Anything to keep the kids from the TV and Gaming Systems) I bought her first kit. Pinks... Then came reds... and purples. She just loves making them!
And they are kinda cute!

Well... They're a lot cute. 
Of course I wouldn't walk around with an arm full of them, but remember ladies, not long ago we had rubber bracelets because we all wanted to look like Madonna in the 80's!
They are just harmless fun, and Hannah loves them... 
I love to see my children create!
I hope you have a wonderful Monday and week ahead.
Much love,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumnal Speaking...

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned it before...

I LOVE this time of year!

We've been adding bits and pieces to the apartment.. Here, there and everywhere... 
Decorations we've had for a few years, and decorations the children are making and adding, after all crafts the children make are the best of all!

Like the Pumpkin Can on my fire place, my 22 year old made this 10 years ago! The rock pumpkin Hannah made last year with a rock and a stick!
I love orange, so it's an added bonus to be able to put it everywhere!
And this was cute, I picked it up at Joann's Fabric and craft store, it was only a dollar... 
But as mentioned before, the very best decorations are the ones that the children make, I found this paint and these ornaments at Joann's Fabric and Craft store as well, they were on sale for $40% off. My children love crafts so I couldn't pass up such a great deal.
We decided to make them into magnets!
Hannah and Andy painted them.
They came out so cute!
And of course I'll have them for years!
When creative juices are flowing, this is the kitchen...

One last Halloween thing I wanted to share...
Andy, Hannah and I went to Target over the weekend (Before I decided to fall down the stairs!!, I'm much better by the way, still sore, but what can I expect when I try to fly instead of walk down 8 stairs at once?!?! :)
Target had the most hilarious Halloween stuff, I passed on most of it, because I knew if I bought it the kids wouldn't eat it anyway!
Tongues or Mice Anyone?
What about Boogers? You know you want some!
No? Then you must be wanting the brains... Brains are always tasty during October!
And if you're still not satisfied and nothing has wet your appetite, then I know you will want some Ice Eyeballs!
I guess I'm easily amused!
Isn't this time of year awesome?!
Tammy x

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chicken, Brown Rice and Kale Soup

I have a secret. I've never had kale before.
But I have seen it a lot in the store, and when I saw a recipe for it, I had to try it.

I'm cutting all refined carbohydrates (sugars) out of my life, that doesn't mean Never have them, but I was having them daily, and they have decided to make themselves in the form of fat on my backside. No Bueno!

So in replacing "White sugar and White carbs", I've gone on the hunt for recipes with brown rice. I've only had brown rice one other time and I wasn't amused, but then, I was sort of expect a white rice taste. Brown rice is more filling with a richer and nuttier taste. After using it in this recipe and tasting how delicious it is... I'm going to use it a lot more!
Before I cooked the soup I went and stocked up on fresh veg and fruit. There is no way I can have a slip and head for the fridge when there is nothing in there unhealthy!
I looked at the Recipe online but decided to make my own.

You will need:
2 Large Chicken Breasts
One small onion
On Large stalk of celery
A handful of baby carrots
2 large leaves of kale
1 cup of Brown Rice
A pinch of salt
A pinch of celery seasoning
Pepper to taste

I boiled the chicken breasts for about 20 minutes with the salt, pepper and celery seasoning and about 10 cups of water. After it was cooked, I removed the chicken breast from the pot and diced it into tiny pieces, I then turned down the heat and added in the diced onions, carrots, celery and the rice. Afterwards I covered the soup and let it simmer for about 30 minutes. Only after the soup was finished did I add the kale, I simmered the soup covered for about another 10 minutes.

This made roughly 3 servings
I had a friend say she would serve it with crispy bread ... That sure sounds delicious! Why must carbohydrates be the enemy? :)

This soup was DELICIOUS!
It could easily be made vegetarian.
It's low fat, low salt, low sugar and extremely nutritious!
You must try it!
Tammy x

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Meaningful Mondays

You all must know what a proud mom I am by now!
Monday's are dedicated just to my family.
This little peanut right here... is just growing too fast. It seems like only yesterday she was born... My very own little girl after birthing her 4 brothers! :)
This was taken last week, it's still blistering hot here in Texas but some mornings are cooler than others so jackets are a must.
Do you see those stairs in the photo? I fell down those last night!! Luckily I didnt break anything. I did get some nasty bruises, my thigh and hip are black & blue... my foot is badly sprained... but other than that Im ok!
When its pouring down with rain, do not rush down the stairs in Flip flops!!
I hope you all have a brilliant week!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Only in Texas

I took the kids to eat at Chick-fil-a before they went to a birthday party this afternoon... and what did we see? THIS!
We saw a cowboy pulling his "Longhorn" through the parking lot.
I was so excited I just wanted to run up and pet it, but since this cowboy could barely get his Bull to move, I'm pretty sure the Longhorn would not have been amused if I was bothering it!
So I took photos instead!
For no reason at all. I have decided. I want a pet cow.
Of course, I live in an apartment... and this would never happen.
Well not in this century.
But isn't he pretty cool?
The Bull moved for a few steps.
Before he stalled again.
It was free entertainment :)
Ahhhhh just another day in Texas!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Meaningful Mondays


It is good isn't it?
Please someone tell me that Monday is good!?!?
At least my computer is up and running again.
Surely that's a good sign?

I can enjoy reading blogs and blogging again.
Have you ever tried to blog on a Samsung Galaxy?? The keyboard is so sensitive that I'm constantly writing words and adding letters that don't even exist! It makes me look drunk! And I promise, I never drink and blog :)

I've been starting out every Monday with a post on my family, children or family life.
Here's mine for this week.

A photo taken in the corner of my bathroom... 
Toys! Always toys!!
I'm sure all mom's can relate.
Have a wonderful week!