Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumnal Speaking...

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned it before...

I LOVE this time of year!

We've been adding bits and pieces to the apartment.. Here, there and everywhere... 
Decorations we've had for a few years, and decorations the children are making and adding, after all crafts the children make are the best of all!

Like the Pumpkin Can on my fire place, my 22 year old made this 10 years ago! The rock pumpkin Hannah made last year with a rock and a stick!
I love orange, so it's an added bonus to be able to put it everywhere!
And this was cute, I picked it up at Joann's Fabric and craft store, it was only a dollar... 
But as mentioned before, the very best decorations are the ones that the children make, I found this paint and these ornaments at Joann's Fabric and Craft store as well, they were on sale for $40% off. My children love crafts so I couldn't pass up such a great deal.
We decided to make them into magnets!
Hannah and Andy painted them.
They came out so cute!
And of course I'll have them for years!
When creative juices are flowing, this is the kitchen...

One last Halloween thing I wanted to share...
Andy, Hannah and I went to Target over the weekend (Before I decided to fall down the stairs!!, I'm much better by the way, still sore, but what can I expect when I try to fly instead of walk down 8 stairs at once?!?! :)
Target had the most hilarious Halloween stuff, I passed on most of it, because I knew if I bought it the kids wouldn't eat it anyway!
Tongues or Mice Anyone?
What about Boogers? You know you want some!
No? Then you must be wanting the brains... Brains are always tasty during October!
And if you're still not satisfied and nothing has wet your appetite, then I know you will want some Ice Eyeballs!
I guess I'm easily amused!
Isn't this time of year awesome?!
Tammy x


  1. The brains pushed me over the edge. Can't do them.

  2. Oh yuck, yuck, yuck! Hallowe'en is wonderful until it comes to the food. I can just about cope with a cupcake with orange icing, but that's about as far as I can go. No eyeballs, no blood and definitely no brains! Of course, it's a different story when it comes to small boys...

  3. Hi Tammy : -)
    Mmmmm, those Halloween treats!!! My girls are getting excited about trick or treating : -) Thanks for popping in to my blog to say hi. Yes, I've been a bit absent but trying to catch up with everyone again. Have a fabulous day!! x
    Love your header by the way, did you find that place of old phone boxes?

  4. Ugghhhh. What a thought, finding an icecube with an eyeball!! I doubt (although I am sure to be corrected) that you will find these in the UK!

  5. I love all these fun Halloween foods. I remember having a book when I was a kid, it was Arthur (you know, the aardvark), Arthur's Halloween, I think. Anyway, they had peeled grapes for eyeballs and spaghetti for brains. :)

  6. Looks like there is going to looks of fun at your home.

  7. Good for you...
    Getting into the "Spirit" of Halloween!!!

    Linda :o)

  8. That's just so wrong, brains, eyeballs, tongues, urghhh.

  9. I think you may have mentioned how much you love this time of year Tammy, only once or twice!! I can eat most things but the eyeballs are a step too far for me!

  10. Tammy, I love the things your children have made through the years. Can't buy that at Hobby-Lobby. My husband saw the candy and said he would not want to trick or treat at your house. LOL. We know kids love to be grossed out though. xoxo,Susie

  11. Love your home made decorations - memories of childhood are perfect x

  12. I love your autumny decorations, especialyl Hannahs rock and stick pumpkin! I've been busy crocheting some little ghosts to decorate my flat for halloween, hopefully my pumpkin will have grown enough to carve by halloween too!

  13. I do wonder what they will think of next with Halloween treats. I've just bought some "lemon and slime" cookies! :)

  14. People don't tend to decorate their homes for Halloween in the UK so much as you do in the US, and it's kind of a shame as it looks like a lot of fun! x

  15. Some of the stuff is so disgusting!... I love it!! Our road in my village really loves to decorate for halloween and we end up with children being dropped off from other villages to go round us all. I've started collecting up things again to add to my collection and then it will be a rush round after work for a few days to get spiders webs and bunting up, not to mention the carving of the pumpkins. Love it!!! xx

  16. I kinda like all the Halloween stuff- but in the UK it was a much lower key affair- however they do seem to be catching up with you guys over the pond! Here on Borneo it's not celebrated at all- so it's nice to see other's celebrations- I hope you enjoy yourselves:)

  17. Wow, the candy is getting more and more creative! My kiddos would love that stuff :) Such a fun novelty. The front of our house is not decorated, but my daughter went to town on the back of the house - so that we don't stick out in our UK neighborhood. Now that it's our 4th Halloween here, the kids know what to expect and aren't as disappointed that it's not as big of a deal here. Happy Halloween!

  18. I love this time of year too! I might be too scared if an eye was looking back at me from my drink though! ;) x


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