Monday, October 21, 2013

It's all the rage!

I've been dedicating Mondays to my family and calling it Mondays Menage.
But I have to be honest about something.
The word "Menage" just isn't sitting well with me.
Even though Menage means "Members of a Household" I just can't swallow this pill.
I can't see the word "Menage" without thinking of "Menage a Trois"... and that just freaks me out because this is a day dedicated to my family. 
Bye-Bye Menage :)
I need a name.
I was trying to be clever. See what that got me?
I wanted Monday to be positive.
My last few Monday's have been real crap (This morning I had to spend $143 on a car battery and was very late for work!). So I dedicate my Mondays to my family and children, it keeps things in a great perspective for me. It keeps me focused on what life is all about, on the positive!
I need a name.

SO. Now to my post. These little rubber bands are all the rage right now. Are they in your part of the World as well? Girls are making them into bracelets. It started when I noticed a few kids wearing them at the Middle School I work at... Then Hannah started asking me for the "Rubber bands she could make bracelets into"... and since I have the hardest time saying no to a book or a craft (Anything to keep the kids from the TV and Gaming Systems) I bought her first kit. Pinks... Then came reds... and purples. She just loves making them!
And they are kinda cute!

Well... They're a lot cute. 
Of course I wouldn't walk around with an arm full of them, but remember ladies, not long ago we had rubber bracelets because we all wanted to look like Madonna in the 80's!
They are just harmless fun, and Hannah loves them... 
I love to see my children create!
I hope you have a wonderful Monday and week ahead.
Much love,


  1. wow they look fab! I haven't seen them over here but it will be interesting to see if the craze catches on here! Julie x

  2. How about Happy Mondays (unless you didn't like the band.)

  3. I haven't seen those here but our crazes usually start off over there so I'll be watching out for them. I'm not very good with plays on words so don't know what you could call your Monday posts.

  4. They are popular here in Atlanta, luckily Finn hasn't asked to make them yet because I have no idea how to do it!

  5. These are great ... my little man loves making and wearing wristbands and friendship bracelets. M x

  6. I haven't seen these rubber bands but we used to do the same thing with our "Madonna bracelets" in the 80's! Do you remember those bracelets? We wore them all the way up to our elbows. Haha. Then we'd make chains out them like they're doing with the rubber bands, and wear them as necklaces and belts!

  7. The computer ate my message! I won't write it again, but yes, I remember the bracelets a la madonna style - scary hey. How about Mondays with Mom for your new Monday title? xx

  8. Those are really cute, Tammy. I haven't seen them but I will have to check with my grands and see the newest projects they are up to. If they are around here our Lulu will be making them.

    Name ideas? I am assuming you want to stick with a M word? Madcap Mondays, Monday Memory Makers, Monday Malarkey Let me know if you want more suggestions! xo Diana

  9. What about Mindful Mondays, Monday Mementos, Monday Magic (Magical Mondays?) or Monday Moments . . . :)

    I tried replying to your comment via an email reply, but not sure if you ever got it! :)

  10. I love to see children making stuff too, it's so good for them to be creative I think. I'm afraid I don't have any Monday suggestions, I'm hopeless at coming up with clever wordplay. I'm sure you'll have loads of really good ideas though. Hope the rest of your week is good, sorry about the car battery bill, that's horrible!

  11. Mum's Motherly Musings.... I hope the week is improving. Jx

  12. I haven't seen these before- but I'm sure it won't be long before the craze travels across the pond and maybe as far as over here to SE Asia.. Saying that I do wonder where all my class elastic bands have gone recently!!
    As for Mondays- Monday Musings, Meanderings on a Monday, Mostly on Mondays..:)

  13. Oh no... it won't be long until those things make their way across the and my house will be covered in little elastic bracelet making thingamabobs! ahaha!

    On Monday's new name... I totally love "Monday Momentos" as a previous poster suuggested, but let us know what you come up with! Much love my friend, Hazel x

  14. I see others have thought of Monday's Musings too. Sounds like you had a manic Monday....The Bangles:):) Speaking of bangles(bracelets) I love Hannah 's. They and cute and clever. She should show us how to make them.:):) Blessings Tammy...xoxo, Susie

  15. Some lovely ideas for a Monday title, I like Monday's Magic. I've not seen those bands but the bracelets they make look a little familiar, maybe they're already over here? Little Miss would love them!


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