Monday, October 7, 2013

Meaningful Mondays


It is good isn't it?
Please someone tell me that Monday is good!?!?
At least my computer is up and running again.
Surely that's a good sign?

I can enjoy reading blogs and blogging again.
Have you ever tried to blog on a Samsung Galaxy?? The keyboard is so sensitive that I'm constantly writing words and adding letters that don't even exist! It makes me look drunk! And I promise, I never drink and blog :)

I've been starting out every Monday with a post on my family, children or family life.
Here's mine for this week.

A photo taken in the corner of my bathroom... 
Toys! Always toys!!
I'm sure all mom's can relate.
Have a wonderful week!


  1. I certainly can, I have an overflowing basket of bath toys in my bathroom too. Glad you computer is up and running again.

  2. I have a plastic basket of bath toys in the kids' tub because my daughter still likes to play with them when she has a bath. I'm glad I have my own shower in the master bathroom. :)

  3. I can sympathise about the blogging, it is not very easy to do on a kindle either (which is what I tried when we were away!) hope that you get all of your pc problems sorted soon! No idea what the toys are, but they look like the sort of thing that really hurt if you step on them by mistake!

  4. Well, for me it's the cat toys. Doesn't matter how often I pick them up, they're always everywhere. Someday, at least your kids will pick up after themselves. I'm not so hopeful with Lizzie!

  5. Only one toy left in the shower, they grow up to quickly.

  6. Enjoy those toys...cuz they will grow and the toys will be gone...BUT save them...the grandkids come along and LOVE playing with their parent's toys from when they were kids.
    Glad you got your computer up and running again! xo Diana

  7. Just wait until Hannah is older, those toys get replaced with all manner of lotions and potions and beautifying products. What's wrong with a good old bar of soap? Glad you got the computer fixed.

  8. Glad you got the computer fixed! Have a good week!

  9. I remember the toys only too well Tammy - make the most of them though. Glad your computer is working again. Have a great week.
    Patricia x

  10. Tammy, Glad you can blog again. Oh yes, I remember the toys in the tub and the bubble baths. I miss my little prune fingered mermaids. My girls would stay in the tub till I'd have to yell, 'Get out the water's cold" LOL xoxo,Susie


Thank you for your positive comments!