Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Gift Tags

Do you remember Mezz that makes that fantastic home magazine?
She did a swap on her blog and I signed up! Turns out that there was a little girl that wanted to participate as well... So my daughter got to make and send some tags to another girl all the way in Australia! That's exciting for Hannah, as she can't quite fathom distance around the World yet, so Australia is like going to another Planet to her (Do they talk funny there mom?)...

Since I have a tiny apartment I have to keep everything put away, so Hannah & I dragged out all and any "Christmas" colors and crafts that we could find and got started on our gift tags.

And we had our snacks at the ready...
And we started...
But not with out some craft accidents :)
There is now more glitter lurking in my apartment than any craft store in the Country :)
When I made my tags I didn't really have any sort of plan in mind, but I love Snowmen, Gingerbread men and any cute creature with a big ole scarf on.
So I made mostly penguins, they were easy and super cute!
I used card stock I already had ... in fact I had almost all of it, as you know I'm on a "Frugal" kick because I'm saving to move... I did however buy the ribbon, but it was 50% off! (Score!)
My tags are all bagged up and headed to Kentucky where my paired up partner lives... She is also creating 15 Christmas gift tags for me.
My little girl Hannah crafted her little heart out... Here are 2 of her ornaments, she's only 8, but she's a creative little peanut!
It cracks me up that she only put a snowman head on one of them and put "Frosty the Snowman". I'm pretty sure the story says he lost his hat and not his head, but ... I was highly amused :) She picked her favorite 5 and they are on their way to Australia to a bitty girl there!
Here are the 15 I chose for my partner...
All handmade and lots of fun. 
I had some leftover gift tags, so some of you might get a surprise with your Christmas Card :)

Did I mention I LOVE this time of year as well?

I hope you're having a fantastic week!
Much love,


  1. Love this - what a festive and happy parcel to send to someone.

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog lately - and I'm really enjoying following you on instragram. x

  2. Tammy. I love the tags...so sweet. It would be a fun thing to make with my granddaughters. Blessings to all of you,xoxo, Susie

  3. I love the giant oversized scarves!! They are so much fun, and how nice for your daughter to get to do a swap with someone so far away, it will be a great memory for her I'm sure. xx

  4. These are adorable. I think it's wonderful that she wants to do things like this. The glitter made me chuckle; have you ever watched the comedian Dimitri Martin? He calls glitter "the herpes of craft supplies." Haha.

  5. Every single one of these is adorable and what a wonderful way to spend a mother-daughter time! One I suspect you'll both remember for a long while to come! And how wonderful she wanted to participate too!

    Christmas card hit the mail today!

  6. Lovely gift tags - I love the fact that your daughter got to join in the swap too.

  7. The gift tags look terrific! You and your dear daughter ate creative souls. Hugs. xx

  8. The gift tags look terrific! You and your dear daughter ate creative souls. Hugs. xx

  9. What a lovely crafty session to have with your little one. Both sets of tags are gorgeous. Perhaps Hannah could start writing to the other little girl as a penfriend ... I used to love having penfriends when I was a kid!
    M x

  10. Wonderful creativity! You know you won't get rid of the glitter until January now don't you?!

  11. Sweet Christmas tags Tammy! I love that you and your daughter had such nice mother-daughter time while doing them. I can't tell you how precious that time is {I suspect you already know that since you have older children too} The time just flies by and then they are much to old {and cool} to sit with you and do crafts and bake {I loved doing that with my Katie}. Enjoy every minute of it my friend.
    Hope you are having a great week!
    Much love, G xx

  12. Such pretty festive things. Loving those gorgeous tags, they are going to put that extra special touch on any parcel! Very sweet xoxo

  13. Oh I'm loving these tags Tammy, they are so sweet. I've been doing a bit of Christmas crafting too but at the weekend I had a fall and broke my thumb on my right hand. It's in a splint for six weeks which is a pain but I'm so glad I made an early start on my decs. Glitter! It gets everywhere!
    Patricia x

  14. Sooooo pretty, Tammy. I usually just cut up last yr's Xmas cards! Xx

  15. Oh my gosh look at that stack of washi and ribbon! I just love those tags. And I LOVE Hannah's snowman head, it's perfect on the kraft card!

    I need to get back over there asap... I loved stocking up in Micheals and Target when I am over... My husband always thinks I'll get stopped in the airport and will have to declare I bought out the craft supply and baking aisles on our trip!! ahaha! Much love my friend x


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