Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hundreds and Thousands Magazine. An itty bitty Review...

Do you like to buy homemade?

With places like Ebay, Etsy and Storeenvy it's easier than ever to get your homemade products sold and to be very successful at running a home business.

Well I have to hang my head in shame and say that I never really considered giving home made gifts until last year, I made some gifts for Christmas and I really enjoyed making them, not only did I enjoy it, but I felt like it was more personal. I'm so sick and tired of going to a huge multi-billion dollar store chain like Walmart to buy gifts made my exploited children in China. I know I can't make everything home made... shoot... I can't even sew on a machine (On my bucket list) nor can I afford the time to make everything from scratch. BUT... Those people out there trying to make a go of it... Trying to compete against the slashed prices of the High Street... Trying to earn their own money at home... THOSE people I would like to support as much as I can. When I need or want something, I find myself looking to the people that make an honest living working at home. 

I honestly came upon Mezz Coleman by accident... On one of my blog hops I found her. Mezz makes her own clothing and likes to upcycle and re-use... So when she and a friend published their own magazine, I thought "Hey... I'd really like to support a home business"... so I ordered the starter issue.

Of course I just love happy mail to start with, so when I opened my box and found something from Australia, I knew what it was... I was giddy as I came in the door from work. 
I'd like to give you my honest "Opinion" of this magazine... I'm spreading the "Joy" so to speak.
It's called "Hundreds and Thousands" and It's a small and very quaint magazine... I absolutely ADORE the "Vintage look and feel" of it.
 Everything in the magazine just feels ... homey...
There are a couple of pages of "Things we love", and guess who is in there? I know a lot of you know "Vintage Sheet Addict"... I was so excited to see her in the magazine.. It's like she's famous :)
The pages looked so REAL... Like they were printed on fabric!
There were many pages full of interesting tid-bits...
There is Gardening...
People they visit... And I, for one, love getting to know new people.
Oooooo and Recipes... Who doesn't love a good recipe? Even if you hate cooking... We all like to look at food! Wait... or is it just me? :)
There are recipes... and not just "Recipes", but recipes written by hand! Like an old recipe that Grandma found in her pantry and handed it to you to keep forever...
And of course there are crafts... I mean HELLO...These girls make almost everything homemade... I'm pretty sure they like to dabble in some crafting :)
There is a "Great Finds" section
 And new places to see and visit...
Isn't Mezz Cute as a bug?
I haven't read the whole magazine yet, I've only read some of it, but that was enough to sell me. I'm ready for my 2nd issue already, so I hope this inspires you to take a little peek and to support home-made... and home businesses.
Thanks ladies for the great magazine and all of the hard work I know you put into it!
Here is Mezz... Mezz Makes Stuff
And here is Taz... Butter and Buntings
And here is where you can buy your own copy of Hundreds and Thousands Magazine

I hope you're having a rocking week! The weekend is just around the corner!
Much love,
Tammy x


  1. The magazine looks great, refreshingly different. I'm fed up with glossy and stuffed with adverts. And I'm REALLY fed up with plastic stuff from China. I love Etsy and supporting little handmade businesses. Great post Tammy.

  2. It looks like a very unique magazine :-)

    I do love home made myself. I am sick of the rampart consumerism and materialism promoted by so called celebrities these days. Every since travelling to Africa and seeing true poverty of material goods, I've a much better appreciation for how much waste and "want-i-tis" we have in the developed world. I'm trying to re-learn ways of living and cutting out as much of the superficial as possible. Whatever I manage to save, I try to help those less fortunate. I cannot do it all by any stretch and there are far more needs in the circle of people I know than I can help. But I'm able to do more than ever since I cut out waste and live frugally. I try to encourage others to do likewise on my blog. I also learn from the experiences of others.

    So nice to "meet" you recently. I look forward to reading more from you. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  3. Looks like a great read, I follow Ada over at vintage sheet addict too btw! I wish them all the best with this magazine, hope you have fun reading the rest of it!! xx

  4. Oh Tammy this is just up my street. I love a good all rounder magazine and this looks good so guess I might pop over and take a look. Thanks for that
    Patricia x

  5. It looks very tempting. I love magazines anyway, but supporting home businesses too is so important. The way things are going, small businesses are going to be priced right out of the market.

  6. Wow -- this looks very, very good! Like you, I prefer to make (at least some) things -- it depends on the recipient. Some people just don't care. That always makes me sad that they don't appreciate things. Some of my best hits have been photography and knitting. Or food. I bet I could get a lot of good ideas from this -- isn't it wonderful when you get "good mail" and it's something you have to savor page by page?

  7. What lovely review! I'm so pleased that others share my excitement about this new magazine. I want to do a review of it soon but you've put it so well already! I love the look and feel if it too. Mezz and Taz have an aesthetic that really appeals to me.

  8. awh Tammy what a great review so much so I popped off and ordered myself a copy! Can't wait to see vintage recipes... you know me know and my bakes!! And look at Ada being there... eeek! It's like we "know" a celebrity! Hazel x

  9. That looks like a very nice magazine. I wish them lots of success with it and I was happy to see Ada featured in there, how neat!

  10. This looks like an amazing magazine, how great that you found it!

  11. It does look a great magazine Tammy. She sounds like an amazing lady.

  12. Hi tammy!!! such a fabulous review!! we are feeling super chuffed.. thankyou, thankyou!! we are so glad you like it!! thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to share the news about our mag, we have already had a couple of orders thanks to you!!!! lots of love, Mezz xoxoxo

  13. What a great magazine! As you said at the beginning of your post, I think we all get fed up of buying the same stuff that has been by exploited children in China, and that goes for magazines too, where the glossy pages show the same things over and over again. This magazine takes me back to the more personalised look that we used to get, things that would be interesting rather than pushing unobtainable dreams our way. I am off to look at both blogs now and how to get the magazine! Have a great weekend my lovely xx

  14. GREAT magazine. Good for you for making your gifts. We do a lot of that, too, but buy some commercial stuff for the little kids. Hope you are having a great week- xo Diana

  15. Thanks so much for the kind words about the magazine and for popping over to my blog. Nice to meet you!! xx

  16. Sounds like my kind of magazine, I'm going to have a look now.

  17. It's such a fab magazine and I'm such a fan of Mezz!! A great post. Just found you though my Instagram account. I've been here before and have seen your name around the blogs I read. Thanks for the follow on Instagram and looking forward to spending more one here. Xo

  18. I just ordered my copy from Mezz and cant wait to read it:)

  19. Hello! This is a wonderful post which highlights many of the reasons why I stay away from mainstream shops as much as possible opting instead for wonderful places such as Etsy. I'm really glad, like dear Hannapat above, to have found you. I think you left a sweet comment on my facebook business page: thank you for that!

    Happy, happy December to you.

    Warm wishes,



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