Monday, November 11, 2013

Meaningful Monday

A girl and her Pooh.

A girl and her Pooh...... and her dolphin...... and her mini pooh .....and her...

It started last Christmas, Hannah got a Winnie the "Pooh" doll for Christmas, she had asked for a Teddy Bear and the Christmas before last I bought her one at Harrods. HARRODS people... But she didn't like him, I have no idea why, but he went in the toy box and he's buried in there somewhere still, along with countless other stuffed animals that she has never batted an eye at.

So when she asked for a bear again... I got her Pooh.
It was instant love.
She took him everywhere.

Then... she saw a teeny little pooh bear at a restaurant cafe... so she tucked him in Poohs red shirt and then there were two.

I thought the family was complete until we went to the aquarium this past summer and she picked a pink dolphin as her souvenir, she calls her Princess.

This trio often gets dirty and I hold my breath as I put them on the gentle cycle in the washing machine... praying that no one loses an eye!

Ahhhh.... But it's so precious to see her with her Pooh.
Then my mom took her two granddaughters out of town last weekend...
(Yes, Hannah likes her bright clothes. She dresses herself. I'm more of a conservative dresser, so she gets this wild side from her Grandma! :)
........and Hannah returned with this guy. A lemur dressed as a giraffe. Seriously? Now there are 4?
Hannah will throw all of the animals on top of me and say "Mom watch them"... (watch them do what?)... She says they are my grandchildren. Oh you better believe it Hannah... Because You're not allowed to date ;)

Have a wonderful week,
Tammy x


  1. It's really cute that she loves her stuffed animals so much. Some girls her age are already thinking they're grown, so this is very refreshing. Her new lemur giraffe is funny, I don't know if I would have guessed what he was if you hadn't told me. :)

  2. How sweet she is. Mine still like their cuddly toys. I have to kiss them (the toys) goodnight every evening! You know it will soon be five. Then six, then...

  3. This is so funny and soooooo cute. I love her mixed up little family. I think you should rescue Harrods teddy and give him a place in your bed, I'm sure he would be very polite and well behaved! xx

  4. So funny, my son only ever played with none old bead he called Stinky.

  5. It's funny how kids take to particular soft toys and not to others. Eleanor had a Po toy from Teletubbies since she was a baby. She took it everywhere with her and it got left behind at a few places too, though we always managed to rescue it. That was until we had a holiday in Barbados and it went missing out of the room, I think the maid may have taken it out with the rubbish and we never saw it again. Eleanor was distraught. That was seven years ago. Luckily, she'd bought a Bulldog from the airport on the way out which opens up to become a cushion. She named him Chester. This became her new toy of choice and she still sleeps with him today, even though she's fifteen. I love the lemur dressed as a giraffe, so cute with those big eyes. I've just been catching up on your blog and see that you awarded me The Sunshine Award, thank you so much, I'm honoured. I shall do a post about it soon. Hope your mum's recovered after her angioplasty. My dad had stents put in a couple of years ago after he suffered a heart attack and he's been fine since.

  6. So sweet!
    Thank you for joining in the Christmas swap! You have been partnered with Snap That blog - more details and like etc on my blog. Happy swapping!
    Marianne x

  7. Such a lovely post, Hannah is a great match for my little girl who is very attached to Tigger! I've been threatening to send my biggest boy off to university with his Peter Rabbit, or Wabby as he's still known!
    And doesn't Hannah look just like you in these photo's Tammy?

  8. Your post really made me smile. My niece has a kitten we gave her when she was little and it's almost bald, it has travelled the world and got lost in Singapore airport. But it always gets back to her. I looove Hannah's dress sense long may it continue.
    Ali x

  9. What a great family of 'cuddlies'! I've still got a soft spot for teddy bears (and I'm 47 next birthday!!) Jx

  10. Ah its lovely that she loves her cuddly toys. My grandson Leo aged 9 still takes his teddies to bed with him, although he'd be very cross if he knew I'd told you because he never owns up to it!
    Patricia x


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