Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments

Hi y'all!

I've been away for a few days. Actually... I'm not quite sure where those days went!?! Is it me or does the month of December seem to go faster than the other months?
Especially here in the United States, things go from slow to warp speed right after Thanksgiving.
We actually made these ornaments about 3 weeks ago, and this.. THIS Is the first time I have had time to sit down and edit photos. It's December 12th and I don't have one single gift wrapped yet!! YIKES! Santa needs to send over some elves to help me along!

What have I been doing? Well. Shopping... Working. Shopping. Decorating. Shopping. Christmas Cards... work, work work... Only one more week of work and I'm off for 2 weeks for the Christmas Holidays! Yay!

These Christmas Ornaments were made because I participated in an Ornament swap through MezzMakesStuff blog (You know, the girl that makes the fabulous home made magazine).

Hannah wanted to do all of the mixing and cutting and I was quite happy to just supervise!

First up we of course had to dig out all of the Christmas Cookie Cutters.
A task Hannah thoroughly enjoyed!
The Cinnamon Ornament Recipe is
1 1/2 cups of flour
1/2 cup of cinnamon
1 cup salt
1 cup water
1/2 tbsp ground cloves
Straws for cutting the holes

Mix the Ingredients thoroughly.
Roll out as if you were making regular cookies (with flour)
Cut with Shape of your choice
Cut a hole in each with the straw so you can hang your ornament

Bake at 325 degrees
Checking often

They burn quickly, so watch them. We actually had a minor ornament catastrophe!

Hannah had a lot of fun making these!

We baked the ornaments on aluminum foil but any non stick cookie sheet will also do.

We decorated the eyes and buttons with whole cloves before baking.
Of course I was in charge of the baking and the use of the oven.


Hannah kissed each Ornament goodbye before we tossed it!
Do not walk too far away from the oven, I'm telling you, these suckers cook quick!

We did salvage quite a few
I covered them with Mod Podge (I seriously love that stuff) and Glitter
It doesn't matter which order you decorate
Hannah used Elmer's glue and sprinkles first and then Mod Podge
I put my sprinkles on the Mod Podge, which is a great glue and sealant!

I'm actually quite happy with the outcome.
I have seen these just left in the simple cooked state, un-decorated and they are just as lovely.
The best part? They smell so good!
Here are Hannah's Creations
She's the most creative 8 year old that I know!

And this one for my Ornament Partner all the way in Canada.
I do hope you like it... 
Merry Christmas!

I hope you're all having a wonderful Holiday season filled with love, peace, health and hope.
Much love,


  1. I wondered where you were Tammy. The scent I most associate with christmas is cinnamon.I baked an apple and cinnamon cake yesterday and it made the house smell wonderful.

  2. Isn't it a blessing to make those cookies with your kids!! What a special Christmas thing to do. Enjoy your busyness and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Tammy!xoxo

  3. Nice save, Mom! They came out cute. I've seen these before but never knew how they were made. Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. The ones that did survive look great - what a lovely activity to do with a child.

  5. Tammy, I think the ornaments are adorable and so is Hannah. Squeeze her for me. I think those cookie ornaments last a long time if they don't get near moisture. They sure look like you could eat them. Blessings to you and your sweet family. xoxo,Susie

  6. They're fantastic Tammy. Glad you're okay. You're right that December always goes crazily fast. I'm feeling ever so slightly panicky. I need more hours in the day!

  7. The ornaments look great Tammy, I bet they smell lovely too with all that cinnamon in them! Hope that you enjoy your two weeks off. Don't worry about the non wrapping, I haven't given it a though and am still trying to put up christmas decorations! I did finally get my cards posted though! xx

  8. so glad the mod podge saved the day!! well done to both. The days are flying now aren't they. You are doing so much. It will all work out fine! Heather X

  9. Wrapping, gifts, cards... nothing done! EEeek! But it's all there to be got and I can't wait to get in line at the post office this weekend... Those ornaments are super dupes Tammy! You've got one very creative girl on your hands :) Hazel x

  10. Lovely decorations Tammy, Hannah is a clever girl!

  11. These turned out beautifully!! Great job! I love the way these smell, too. Lexie made one in school ages ago and it still smells whenever we take it out of the box to hang on the tree!

  12. These are so gorgeous and I love the fact that you got to make them together, such fun. Hannah did a lovely job, what a sweet girl!! Please send me the address, so we can post it out. xoxo

  13. You've had a lot of fun making your cookies. Hannah's decorating is very creative and colourful.

  14. You have been busy, even glamming-up your photos! Thanks for your comment the other day! Lizzy x

  15. These are amazing, would love to have a go at making some!



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