Monday, July 29, 2013

Padre Island, Texas

I have not been to the coast in over 5 years, my youngest 2 don't even remember ever going! My 16 year old (17 in 3 weeks) fished all day... So we've all had a great time on Padre Island. I really needed this break!
The memories will last a life time.
Have a great week!

When we left we had sand in places we forgot sand could go!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Lady Guinevere

I have one niece, and today is... Her birthday!
Guin and Hannah were born 6 months apart, my mom got 2 granddaughters at once after having 13 grandsons!
Here is the little lovely and myself...
She's 8 today!
Tomorrow we are going to the coast to celebrate, I haven't been to the beach in years, I'm looking forward to it.

Today is bowling day, my two young ones and Guinevere have been on a bowling league this summer, I quite like bowling but I've not actually bowled myself this year, I think it's probably the only "sport" (and I type sport as I question myself about whether or not bowling is actually a sport), okay... the only physical activity involving a ball where I can actually hit something with the ball and not have to duck because the ball is headed towards me! The children love bowling, and I love seeing them bowl!

    The 3 Amigos       

Do NOT walk into a HOBBY LOBBY when trying to downsize.
The first thing I walked in to? THIS!!! MORE SPRINKLES!
Do you know how hard it was to walk away? Remember, I have this obsession with sprinkles.
But I did it.
After I took the photo Andy asked me "Mom aren't you going to buy those?"
Ha... That kid knows me all too well.
But I am glad to report, I stepped away from the shelf.
We actually went in because Hannah has misplaced her crochet hook and she wanted to crochet yesterday, Hannah and Guin are learning to crochet. They have both made some serious chains! Hannah and Guin said they are making garland for the Christmas tree :)

Anyway, when in Hobby Lobby (One of the largest crafting store chains in the USA)
I ran into this...
If I were not moving to the UK, I would buy this, it's a candle lantern... LOVE it!
We also saw this... I mean rows and rows and rows of CHRISTMAS! I really do love Christmas, but seriously? Let me enjoy summer first!
Look at these gorgeous aisles of goodies... I got out of there quickly!

I mailed Joshua's first care package to the Middle East where he's serving for 6 months, I know there will be many many more of these going out. I checked the USPS website before mailing, and they weren't worried about drugs and weapons, noooooooo.... the main concern in the Middle East? Don't mail pork products or large quantities of religious literature! My question... "Whom in their right mind would be thinking of mailing pork to a place that has 100 degree weather and hotter??"
Of course all addresses have been removed & Inpainted for security reasons (This IS the internet after all!)

Here are the girls last night at my mom's house. Mom made home made stuffed cabbage, OH MY GOSH... My mom is like... the best cook in the world :)
I am going to be packing today, doing a load or two of laundry and listing more crap stuff on ebay. I'm actually making decent money as I down size, all to be spent on a flat when we move. It is a pain to take all of the photos and list on ebay though... Look at me whining after I said I was making money... I tell ya... What a drama queen :)... Then tomorrow, off to Corpus Christi, Texas, About a 4 hour drive, and my daughter in law will be with us; also my mom, brother, sister in law, Guin, 2 nephews, 3 of my kids... It should be good. I'm looking forward to it.
See y'all in a few days!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm Grateful


  • 5 Healthy Children.
  • A forgiving God (Because I'm far from perfect, in fact perfect isn't even in my rear view mirror)
  • My own health (Though I did inherit that "fat" gene :)
  • An incredibly loving mother (With a nutty sense of humor)
  • I'm grateful to be able to have summers off but still being fully paid, not having to work means more time with my children.
  • I'm grateful for a good job. 
  • I'm grateful I have a little girl, after 4 boys, she's a wonderful surprise.
  • I'm grateful for 4 boys (There is a special crown waiting for me in Heaven)
  • I'm grateful that my son is safe while he's in the Middle East.
  • I'm grateful for the positive people in my life.
  • I'm grateful every time I hear one of my children laugh... no seriously, every single time, even my adult children, it just makes me stop and listen... I love it.
  • I'm grateful for only having one more payment and I own my Van in full!
  • I'm grateful that I'm able to travel.
  • I'm grateful that I'm in a free Country, when I read about the things that go on around the world, I'm so grateful to not have to live in fear.
  • I'm grateful that I have the luxury of complaining about forgetting to take something out of the freezer for dinner... because at least there are things in there! 
  • I'm grateful for a free local swimming pool!!! I live in Texas, which is technically the surface of the sun!
  • I'm grateful for private health insurance! Seriously.... !!
  • I'm grateful that I live in a Country where it's easy to get an education.
  • I'm grateful for quiet time.
  • I'm grateful for long hot bubble baths with badedas (Have you tried it? IT's DIVINE)
  • I'm grateful for my sight, it's not good, but it's hanging on for dear life! 
  • I'm grateful for each child I have had the privilege to tutor or teach in my life.
  • I'm grateful for every special education child that has taught me about what really matters in life.
  • I'm grateful for the internet!
  • I'm grateful for Art
  • I'm grateful that both of my parents are still living.
  • I'm grateful for a curious mind.
  • I'm grateful for a scientific mind.
  • I'm grateful for prawn cocktail crisps (I have no clue why that just popped in my head)
  • I'm grateful ... I'm just grateful!

I did this posting because I was feeling sorry for myself today, I was dwelling on a couple of negatives and well... I just wasn't going to have any more of that!! So I took care of it... Yep, I have some issues going on in life, but I have so much more to look forward to than not... And I'm grateful for that too!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My first Mug Rug

My mom showed me the basic stitch but I created the lettuce edging myself... I'm going to make a matching mug rug before crocheting a few in other colors.
I also want to try my hand at quilting a Mug Rug as well... But one thing at a time!
It looks a bit catty cornered now that I look at the photo, but it's not, it's straight, I really enjoyed making it, and I'll try different size needles and yarn... eventually, as I get better. I've only been crocheting a few days!
Oohhhh and then there is the cotton Afghan for my bed.... ooooOOooo and the Quilt... I really do get ahead of myself... So many crafts. So little time!

Wasn't the Prince of Cambridge just gorgeous?!

Kate looked amazing! Any woman that has given birth to a child knows how sore you are the day after, bless her she walked around like it was 2nd nature and THEN hopped straight into the car! My bottom hurt so badly I had to sit half on my hip for a few days!! Kudos to Kate for braving that intrusive mob of reporters, now she can hide out with her baby for awhile and get to know him. I bet she's completely hands on and only uses a Nanny if she absolutely has to!!
Well done Catherine!

Monday, July 22, 2013

My blog IS my Scrapbook!

So ...

What's in your purse?
This is actually last years old raggy purse, I'm not buying anything new as of now, because I can only take so much to England with me.

I was an avid scrapbooker. I mean obsessed. I didn't know what was more fun, scrapbooking or collecting things to scrapbook!

But then... I had 5 kids. I started College, I became a single mom... and I'm now working full time as well. I don't have a lot of time normally, that's why summer is my sanctuary, especially being in the educational field.

When I was on Pinterest earlier I was reminded of a page that women always do, it's fun, it's harmless and we can look back in a few years and see what we were up to. The page that I see in personal scrapbooks... "What's in your purse?"... So I looked, and took photos. And Sweet Lord I have one boring bag! No make up.. No weapons (Should I buy pepper spray?)... No tickets to the latest Broadway musical! (I wish).

Just my simple summer bag. Actually my old raggy bag, I'm buying nothing new because I can only take so much to England with me.... 

The most interesting thing in my bag... Well I have this jewelry in my bag, because I have to drop by the jeweler and have my Tower Bridge charm put on this bracelet I bought in London, it's just a simple bracelet... to not take away from my lovely silver charm :)

I also have this gorgeous gold and blue topaz ring that my mom gave me because she got one with diamonds instead, I have to take it to the jeweler to be cleaned. I'm always quite happy to take my mom's jewelry cast offs!!

Here is the boring stuff... Hannah's socks are in my purse because she doesn't wear socks in the summer but she's on a bowling league and needs them, so I have an emergency pair! I also always have my hand sanitizer and hair things, Hannah has long hair and I have very thick hair and this is Texas... Hair is always going up!
My wallet of course...
Yesterday at bowling the kids got free coupons for a lunch...
My keys...

And the most hilarious thing in my purse? I was playing around with yarn, as you know I'm learning to crochet and I have been just messing around, so I made this... and I took it to the bowling alley to show my mom this creation (she always goes to watch her grandkids bowl)... and she told me it looked like a Willie Warmer. For my American friends... That's a %^*Penis*^% Warmer. I guess at the age of almost 61 my mother is allowed to announce to everyone that I made a Willie Warmer, but I honestly was just practicing my stitches... This is officially being recycled! It's a good thing I don't embarrass easy, maybe it's because of the mother I have :)
My mother is just hilarious isn't she? COUGH. not.
I want to be nosey, so I hope other bloggers share their purses, you know us ladies like to have a peek!
Currently I'm watching a live feed from HELLO! Magazine. I'm waiting for the announcement of the baby Royal. My first labor was 26 hours, I'm not going to be watching 2 police persons protecting those doors for that long! I'll tell ya! But I hope she has her precious one soon, I'm eager to hear the good news!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

22 Years of Cross Stitch. A Work in Progress.

I'll be honest, I haven't actually been actively working on this for 22 years!! But I did start this 22 years ago, I just never finished it.
I love to cross-stitch, so why did I never finish? Well I started this when I was pregnant with my first baby, and I knew I had very little left to do on it, only a couple of more squares... And then... I had a boy, and I decided that it was just too girly, so I thought I would put it away for a bit.
 Then I had another boy. Then a 3rd boy. And then a 4th. You get the picture.
By the time I had my baby girl, and I do find this cross stitch very girly and perfect for my girl... but by that point I had 5 kids and if I had time to craft when Hannah was a baby I absorbed myself in scrapbooking. We must choose our craft wisely :)
So now I have this baby blanket, and I wonder what am I meant to do with it now? Hannah is 8 now.
Do I save it for my first grandchild? I AM WAY TOO YOUNG TO BE A GRANDMAMA!!! I'M ONLY 44!!! So I did some searching... I think I'll make these squares into beautiful pillows! I did an online search for "Pillows with Ruffles" and these are the two examples I liked the most, I'm so sorry I have no idea who made these and who to give credit to, I found them online.
Of course I'll make my own variation with some gorgeous fabrics.


Wait wha? Chores? I was supposed to be going through toy boxes?
Oh ya. I remember. Chores.

This did crack me up though, we went through a few things and we found a pile of Barbie shoes and a pile of little penguins. Don't ask, because I have no clue where those penguins came from or how they got into my house! Our 2 little piles cracked me up.

But all is well. Andy spent the morning playing with the penguins and sticking them into the barbie shoes!
Don't kids just totally rock??
I know mine do!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Should I become a Minimalist?

THIS coming from the girl that believes a girl can never have too many shoes and if you like the shoe... You should have it in every color!

THIS coming from the girl that also loves crafts and if I don't have a *WIP* going then I am buying crafts for future use.

This is a girl that believes you can never have too many books!

But then... THEN, I took a look around, and not counting the toys that are in storage, my children had 5 toy boxes full of toys the start of summer. I went through them, I donated a lot and they ended up with 3 toy boxes.

I'm so tired of stuff. Stuff. Stuff. Stuff.

A few weeks later, here we are again.
Hannah has played with her dolls, but not much else.
It's ridiculous, to buy things and they just sit.
I know children don't play with every toy every day, but it's been weeks.
When My older 3 were younger I remember them always emptying out the toy box and it was always having to be cleaned up, they played and enjoyed their toys. But Andy and Hannah... not so much. Technology has much to do with it.

I'm not taking all of this to England with us. So I'm going back through again, this time with Hannah and Andy's help. THEY will decide what will be donated, what will be sold and what they think they can't live without. They don't need 3 toy boxes full... Even if they can  leave some with their dad.... Remember... 3 boxes of toys and I'm not counting toys in storage and their toys on the shelf... or the doll house... Enough is enough. It's just STUFF.

Yesterday we started with the Doll house, today it's the toy boxes.
Sometimes I wonder if I buy this stuff secretly for myself... I do love cute little tiny things. And I loved having Barbies as a child. But that makes no excuse for having 15 Barbies!

Here is what we are keeping from the Doll House...

Okay Okay.. So I love this doll house... But it really did need a good clean out, just like our real houses... Hannah didn't need 2 refrigerators!! :)

Hannah isn't feeling her best today, so she will just lay on the bed and I'll be doing the digging in the boxes, we were meant to be crocheting with my mom today, but that will wait until tomorrow, she needs to be better! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Learning to Crochet

It's not going well.

My mom has laughed at my creations several times.

And bless her heart, Hannah takes my mistakes and uses them in her Doll house!

My mom showed me years ago how to do a basic chain and then the double one after. So when she "re" taught me on Sunday I *THOUGHT* I was on fire.... COUGH. Hack. Sputter.

This is what is happening....
 And this....
I'm trying to do something as simple as make pot holders, I start out perfect... then before I know it I'm crocheting so tightly that I can't hardly get my hook back through and... well... It starts to go in a point.... WAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! So I've given up. Just for a day.
My mom said I need to sit right by her while I crochet so she can show me what I'm doing wrong, she says I'm holding my yard wayyyyy too tightly. I just want to make simple things to relax, I don't want it to turn into a stressful thing! Sewing is rewarding and relaxing and so is scrapbooking... This will not beat me! Tomorrow I'm hanging out with my mom... Pot Holder, I'm coming for you.

Oh and isn't this hilarious? I saw it in this past winters Next catalog. I seriously need this, too bad it doesn't match my bathroom colors!
Have a great rest of your week, and may your toilet seat remain down!! :)