Friday, January 24, 2014

Blogs to Check out...

I have been reading these blogs for awhile now and they are brilliant, and I always feel that if I find something extraordinary... I really should share it!

If you're looking for a Travel Blog, these three girls are your first stop.

Sarah is the "Wanderblogger", she's an American living in London with her family, she's VERY Detailed in the best places to eat, visit and sleep... I especially love her blog because not only is she informative, but she lets you know where and how to travel with a "Tweenager"... All mom's need to know where we can go with kids in tow. However, she has walked the Red Light District in Amsterdam, so she's not all about kid travel... there is lots of yummy adult stuff too (I suspect she will want to smack me for saying she walked the red district!! LOL... )But it's all in good fun and the you can read about it yourself ... The Wanderblogger

Selena writes "Oh The Places We Will Go", it's an amazing travel blog! Selena is also an American living in London with her English husband. Now this girl gives new meaning to the word travel, she does it all for fun and travels to many many many countries every year! Gosh If I have to guess, I would say that Selena hits at least 2 different Countries every month.. she has some serious miles on her sneakers! Her blog is full of beautiful photos and she will keep you in the "Know" of the best places to go! You will not be disappointed ... Oh the Places we will go

Then there is Emm in London, I have to say that I don't actually know her that well, but for over a year I have read her blog and her middle name is Travel, originally from South Africa, her blog is full of travel, history, knowledge and lots of London and hidden London, she's worth visiting, you will get absorbed in all that she offers ... Emm in London

If you're looking for a blog full of England's Beauty...

Chel is your girl, Chel has the blog "Sweetbriar Dreams", she takes pride in her heritage and in England's beauty.
Not only does she visit the most beautiful places in England, she will share it's history with you. She's spunky and fun and adore her blog. Check her out, you won't be disappointed Sweetbriar Dreams

Tina is an American that lives in the UK with her family, she travels all of UK and displays amazing photographs, catching England's true beauty. She also shares travel with children in the UK and is quite the World Traveler herself. She's here Girl Meets Globe

Jane shares England in a way that only she can, with a touch of her own vintage beauty. Her blog is full of photos of the UK in all of it's beauty and splendor... Vintage Jane

Fancy a touch of Homemaking? These girls make me look like I can barely make toast! They make exquisite meals, make quilts and crochet and some will share the funny and serious stories of child rearing!

Gillian from Takes of a Happy House
Lizzy from Handmade Homemade Lizzy
Amy from Love made my home
Jennifer from Thistlebear

Is Baking your thing?

Last but not least, I would like to share an AMAZING blog, this girl can bake in her sleep, she makes mouth watering decadent treats. I personally believe she should have her own bakery and her own show! I'm sure a lot of you already know Hazel from Ireland, but she holds a special place in my heart, she's an angel!
Visit her, but be prepared to put on weight just looking at the treats she makes :) Hazel at Cupcakery 
See what I mean?? Look at that cake... swwwoooon!
So there you have it!
If you have some extra reading time this weekend, check these ladies and their blogs out!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Tammy x


  1. Some nice blogs there Tammy, as well as some that are new to me that I shall have a look at, thanks for the suggestions. Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend.

  2. Hello Sweet Friend! Thank you so much for including me. You made my day! I'm so thankful for the blog because it brought me such wonderful friends like YOU!!!! xoxo

  3. Oh could I please have a slice of that wonderful cake!!! Great links.....

  4. Aw, thank you for mentioning me. I appreciate that. I will have a look at some of these others, since they come so highly recommended. :)

  5. You lovely lady Tammy! Thanks for the mention. Think of me today trying to find those elusive phone boxes, in the cold, wet, dark, typical English weather!! xx

  6. Aww Tammy, you are so kind to mention me! I will certainly be looking at a few of the other blogs (all!) that you suggested. Thank you. xx

  7. I am so honored to be mentioned among such great company! Thank you!! :o) I'm writing my acceptance speech pronto. ;o)

    And you know I have no shame about walking through the Red Light District! Trust me, I've seen worse... ;o)

  8. What a good list -- especially the travel ones. As I love the UK, I'm particularly interested in checking those out -- although I have to say that the cake looked to die for!

  9. I feel so honored to be featured along with these great bloggers!! Thank you!! Have a happy weekend Tammy!!

  10. I don't know most of these blogs, Tammy. I am going to check some of them out today- xo Diana

  11. Lots of new ones for me to pop over to, thanks Tammy- lots of reading ahead!

  12. Thank you for these great suggestions - it's always good to get new recommendations.

  13. Thank you for mentioning me! I felt so proud when I read what ou have put! I just love sharing the things I make and looking at other blogs for ideas. I had also found Happy Homemaker and have been following for a while.
    Lizzy x

  14. Tammy where are my manners.. Thanks you so much for the link up! You are always so good to me xxx Hazel (P.S I'm off to London in the morning... So excited! :) )

  15. Thank you so much for including me Tammy and thank you for making up this list. I know most of the ladies but I'm keen to visit the remaining blogs!


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