Monday, January 20, 2014

Red Phone Box Graveyard

I decided it was time that I researched and found out where the "Red Phone Box Graveyard" is.

Apparently, there is more than one.
(And now for a moment of silence.... )

The two that I found, I want to visit.
I mean what kind of person wants to visit a place full of old red boxes of iron?
I'm slightly obsessed with them.

Why? Well that's harder to answer. The very first memory I have of England, the first time I ever landed in the Country in 1988 was "Wow this Country is so incredibly green, even in February!"... The Countryside and the forests were so green, and mossy. We took a military bus to RAF Alconbury, so my first memories of England were it's countryside. 2nd...? Well, those phone boxes. Few things stand as a pure mark of England more than the Red Phone Box... And RED! Isn't red an amazing bold color? It says "LOOK AT ME, I AM FULL OF CONFIDENCE!" Just like baseball makes you think of America, those iron red phone boxes make you think of the UK.

What I didn't know, and have recently learned, is that the phone box has had a history of face lifts. One of the more famous red phone boxes is the "K6" (Kiosk Number 6) which was designed in 1935 for King George V's Silver Jubilee.

The first Phone Box "Graveyard" that I learned about was in Newark, Nottinghamshire.
The Telegraph reported that BT planned on selling off 60 of their classic boxes starting out at 1,950 pounds. Well don't be fooled my friends, I found them for $8,000! Would I pay that? At first I said NO WAY. But I've slept on it, and yes, I think I would... just to see it sitting at the bottom of my garden. It would have to be in England though, I wouldn't ever take one out of it's country... I mean I've seen the odd one here in the States, but they just don't blend in!

The 2nd graveyard, is probably the more well known one and I've seen it mentioned in a couple of different blogs. It's off of A61 near the village of Carlton Miniott. Since I'm technically challenged I couldn't figure out how to screen shot on my computer, but this link from Google Maps shows a terrific picture of the front of the graveyard, it was pretty cool to see it from Google Earth ... Find the map picture HERE
The Graveyard is actually part of the Imperial Service Station

If you would like to learn more about the different Kiosks starting from 1920, you can read about them HERE

Here are some of the photographs I have found on Google Image search of the graveyards of these glorious Iron nationalistic icons...

These look as if they have given up, they have already laid down. Which made me think the most morbid of thoughts... Should I use one as my casket in 50-60 years? (Don't judge me!!:)
This poor guy makes me want to shed a tear :(

This next photo was taken by me on Bethnal Green Road, in East London
How could the English let this happen?

In closing, I wanted to add... that though I don't much care for the phone boxes being "Up-Cycled" into something else. I did like like what Cath Kidston did with the boxes this past Christmas 2013, on Old London Road in Kingston, London. This is one of my favorite landmarks and it's called "Out of Order", originally by David Mach.

Here's David Mach's Original Phone Box Sculpture
"Out of Order"
I also snapped a photo of these a couple of years ago when a photo shoot was going on next to Tower Bridge, I wasn't overly thrilled to see the red gone (You know what I'm like :) But I loved the positive words on the sides...

If you would like to own your very own Red Phone box...
You can find a refurbished one at British Bits and The Kings Bay
One is a British Company and one is American.
The British Company will even convert your Red phone box into a cubical shower!
Yes, I have no shame, I WOULD have this in my home :)
So there you have it.
I've had my red phone box happy pill and you've learned you can shower in one! :)

(The following photo is my phone cover, did I mention I just love the Red phone boxes?)

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Wow! I love this post. I too am a lover of the Red Photo box and Newark??? That's where my mum lives, guess what I'm doing on my next trip up there?
    Lovely to meet you

  2. I love red phone boxes too. I see quite a few in gardens around here now as BT, rather than pay for the maintenance on them, often offer them for sale for £1! In some villages, the old phone boxes have been turned into little libraries - shiny and red outside and filled with book shelves where people borrow books and donate unwanted ones.

  3. Oh I do love a red phone box also, have seen some in gardens in Australia also.

  4. Who knew that about our red phone boxes Tammy? Not me, that's for sure. I remember seeing one in someones garden that I was visiting at an open gardens event, and they were using it for a changing room by their tennis court (it was a very big house and even bigger grounds!).

  5. Yes lots of villages around here have bought them from BT for a nominal fee, often £1. Some have been turned into mini libraries, as Louise has mentioned above. There are also plenty still working around here - due to the terrible mobile phone signal.

  6. They're lovely Tammy, they really are. There's a cottage not far from here that has some red phone boxes, as well as an amazing collection of railway signals. I do like the ones for sale, and with the interior done as well. They have a mirror in them! I'm thinking a pillar box might look nice too...

  7. Hi Tammy.
    I love a red phone box! my Mum has a working one down the road from her I love the big heavy door and the shiny red paint.
    I'd love one in my garden x

  8. Hi tammy,
    WOW - LOVE the red polka dot one!! We used to have an 'ordinary' red phone box at the end of the street where I grew up (and where my mum still lives) but the phone box was removed back in the 80's I think it was...shame...
    You kindly left me a comment recently mentioning UK mags and chocolate - well more than happy to post out to you - maybe we could do a little swapsie?? - something to brighten a grey January!!! Let me know if you are interested, my email address is:
    BH xx

  9. Now you have tracked them down you just need to get one and then decide from all the multiple options what on earth you will do with it!! xx

  10. We still have a working one in our village! I love them too ... M x

  11. Oh, wouldn't it be fun to have one of those in the yard?! Oh, my! I do love me my red phone boxes -- sigh. Sad to see them just "there." Pricey, aren't they? Too bad -- they would be loved if they were in my yard!

  12. That makes me kind of sad, Tammy, to see those old beauties relegated to such a place. I am glad that are those that will restore them and use them for some purpose. I think they would make a delightful shower. One of the houses that we looked at here one time had one in the little room off the foyer and it was going to stay with the house. I wanted to buy the house just for that phone box! xo Diana

  13. What an interesting post. I really didn't know much about them before but I feel very educated now! This was a great read.

  14. You know what Tammy? I was wondering what to write for this week's post and you have given me the perfect idea! I'm going to find some boxes around my way and also at the local garden centre who have bought loads and made little gardens inside. Just for you my lovely xx

  15. Great Blog, I love the phone kiosks too. And you're right about the green, that was my first impression of England too. Went the first time in 1974 and have been back many times since and we've never lost our love of it.

  16. Tammy you are positively the cutest! I just love how you love these phone boxes and that you are a little bit cooky for liking them too! I just knew there was a little bit of crazy in you... a kindred spirit one might say!! Hazel x

  17. We have an empty one at the end of our road, with a big
    question mark stuck on it! It's going to stay but no one
    is sure what to turn it into. There have been lots of
    suggestions, like a mini library. The thing is the longer it
    is left the more it gets trashed and the more likely someone
    is to think it's a place for a quick pee! In some places
    they use them to store life saving equipment. This is also a
    good idea I think. Well I'm sure if you have set your
    heart one one that you will have one at some point. A good
    paint job it will be just like new! Heather x

  18. Ha Ha that phone cover is funny! I do love the old phone boxes (maybe not as much as you do!) but not sure I'd pay that much for one, not too keen on the shower cubicle either. You know far more about them than I do, never thought about it that much, to my shame!

  19. Isn't it funny how we take things for granted? There are red telephone boxes all around our neighbourhood, county, country and we don't take any notice of them here in the UK. I can see the fascination though. I love looking and finding old red post-boxes, especially out in the country where some are imbedded into brick walls on the front of private houses or shops. Finding some with a VR on them are quite unique too. You certainly have a wonderful collection of photos Tammy.
    Patricia x

  20. Oh I love this because I LOVE red phone boxes!! I'll definitely have to check out some of these locations. So fascinating!

  21. I'm obsessed with the red phone boxes too, they just never get old! I will have to tell my bf they are putting them up for sale :)

  22. There's one in a village near me that's been turned into a mini 'visitor centre' and 'book swap library' - tis great!
    There's another small graveyard in redhill, too - here,-0.1549336,135m/data=!3m1!1e3

  23. You have just added an item on my list of places to visit. I'll be finding myself in red phone box graveyar soon im sure!

  24. The Carlton Minniott one is the one I saw, west of Thirsk. I wanted to take them all home. (well, at least one!)

  25. The problem would be, I would want to adopt them all!! I mean how cool would it be to have a restored phone box???


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