Monday, March 3, 2014

I love to hold her hand...

I was walking into the grocery store the other day and was holding my daughters hand, her little hand fit into my palm, even at the age of 9 her little fingers are so small... and I thought to myself "It feels so good to hold her hand", I also thought to myself "I want to remember how this feels forever".

Being the mom of 3 grown boys, I know how quickly children grow, it only seems like yesterday when I had all 5 children piled in my bed as we watched a movie together. It was also only yesterday that my 16 year old Nicky would jump on his dad's side of the bed when his dad went to work; so that he could snuggle in for a couple of minutes before he had to go to school, He's 22 now. I'm also certainly positively sure it was only yesterday that my Joshua was born with red hair... seriously... red hair? Well there is that red head on my ex-husbands side... Josh is 21 now. I'm absolutely, without a doubt for sure it was just yesterday that my Christopher was 2 years old and chewing on his toe nails, he was by far the first and only person in our family that could get his foot (physically) in his mouth! Chris will be 18 this summer.

I know and have learned the hard way that children grow in the blink of an eye. They soon no longer need mom, in fact... Mom who?

I planned and had my children far enough apart that I could enjoy and have time for each and every one of them. And I fully intend on enjoying every last minute that I have left to raise Andrew and Hannah. Anyone that is a parent knows that parenting isn't for cowards. We have our ups and our downs, we have good days, we have bad days. But this parent would like to report that I have a lot more happy days than I do sad. 

I love being a parent.
Being a mother is the most satisfying and fulfilling experience that I've had.
I completely love and cherish my children unconditionally.

I know that I can't stop the years, I know I can't keep my children from growing up.
But I fully intend on enjoying every experience and every stage along the way.
Did I mention...

Enjoy your children
They grow fast

I hope you're having a wonderful week
I leave for London and Ireland in 3 days
I'll catch you all when I get back

Tammy x


  1. Tammy -What absolutely beautiful pictures, Tammy. You are so right with the way you think. Those sweet children grow up so fast. I am so glad that you value and treasure every moment- xo Diana

  2. What a beautiful post. Your children are so lucky to have such a gorgeous, loving mum.
    The weather is supposed to be improving in the next few days, just in time for your visit! Have a fantastic time and safe journey. If you need to contact me about anything while in the UK just message me ... M x

  3. Tammy that is such a lovely post and so true that they grow so fast. Thanks for your comments on my last two posts, I couldn't reply to them as you have turned into a 'no reply blogger' :( However, I hope you have a wonderful time over here and I do hope we can meet up in your next visit, the summer?? The weather looks as though it will be kind to you on your visit. Have a great break xx

  4. Such a lovely post Tammy - hope you have an amazing trip to London and Ireland. Wish we could have met up for a coffee xxx

  5. It's too true, they grow in the blink of an eye. My daughter will always be my baby no matter how old she gets. I think I worry more about her now than when she was at home.
    Have a great trip!

  6. Tammy, I know that little hand is so wonderful. I think our little ones grow seems so very fast. My g.daughter Emma is going to be ten in a month and if I dwell on it, I'll start crying. It's heart breaking. Hug your young one and hold them see how your older boys grew so fast. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. Hey Tammy,
    By sheer coincidence I took a picture of me and Pops holding hands the other day. I was thinking about holding hands with him when he starts infant school later in the year, and how I won't want to let it go when the time comes for me to say goodbye at the classroom. They grow up and away from you so fast, and you are right to cherish each and every moment.
    Have a fabulous time in the UK!
    Leanne xx

  8. Lovely post Tammy, they do indeed grow super fast! Safe travels over to us in the UK x

  9. What a lovely post. I still hold hands with my son, who is eight. Part of this is because he would run like a madman in parking lots or the street, haha. But also I just really like it and I hold both of my kids' hands as much as I can.

  10. Ah that's such a lovely post Tammy. No hand-holding for my two but I do have grandchildren who hold hands. Our Leo is ten years old on Friday and still holds my hand on our way into the playground in the mornings - that is when no-one is looking!!
    Have a great trip to the UK Tammy. I'm still working on trying to see you while you are here but Sunday is out of the question. I wondered if I came up to the City on Monday we could meet perhaps by the Tower of London for a coffee. I'd have to get the train up but it would be worth it to finally meet up with you. I'll send you my mobile number by email. Have a safe journey
    Patricia x

  11. Hold tight to her now. Indeed, her time to fly will one day come. I love the photo of the hands. Love it.

  12. Thank you for writing this post and reminding us how precious such small moments are.

  13. Your comments in your post are very true. My DD is about to fly the nest soon and it doesn't seem so long ago that I was in hospital watching my newborn sleeping. Time passes so swiftly.Enjoy.
    Love from Mum

  14. Very true, Tammy. What a lovely post this is!


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