Sunday, March 30, 2014

I used to HATE Texas

Don't Judge.

Hear me out!

And get a drink, this is long winded! (Most Texans are ;)

I was born in Austin, Texas but never lived here. My father was in the Air Force and stationed at Bergstrom AFB (Now an International Airport), so we moved when I was teeny. We lived in Mississippi for a time before flying to the tropical Island of Guam, we lived there for 5 years and then off to Maine we went, I spent 7 years on the Canadian border, often visiting the amazing country of Canada and living in a very small Northern town in a farming community, our back yard literally had a stone marker with "Canada" on one side and "The United States" on the other. I then married at a very young age to a Military man and we headed to England for 4 years... then South Carolina... Then Michigan... My point in sharing this? You see, I was used to seeing parts of the world that were beyond compare, when you have been to the North-East of the United States in Autumn, there is NOTHING that compares to that... Bright trees filled with leaves of orange, yellow and maroon... When you have stood on sandy beaches with the sea many shades of crystal aqua, blue and turqouise... When you have driven the countryside of Scotland and England and seen rich green and ancient ruins... Well. WELL... Coming to Texas and hearing a Texan say "This is the most beautiful place in the World"... UM. Nope. Not gonna cut it!

When we moved here I didn't think too much of the heat, I was used to heat.
But I just thought, well... I thought it was ugly. I mean seriously, everywhere I drove I saw a cactus plant of some sort or another, the grass was prickly and you can't walk on it barefoot, the grass dies in the blazing summer heat and turns brown, there are water bans in the summer, there are fire ants everywhere... Don't get me started on the scorpion infestation we had in our home (I once had one in my hair!)... We moved out of this State and to Michigan. We didn't miss Texas. I missed my family... Yes. Not Texas.

But jobs in Michigan? Not so great. Jobs in Texas? BOOMING!
Guess where we had to move back?
Jobs everywhere in Texas.

I am not a pessimistic person. Not one bit, but I had a hard time wrapping my head around Texas.
This huge and massive never ending State... It takes at least 10 hours to drive across it (going fast) from the Mexican border to the top... Side to Side? Much longer. It's... HUGE.

I still, sat around and wondered what it was that everyone was taking such great pride in.

Then It hit me.
I realized.
One day... I just knew.

It wasn't the State, it was the attitude of the people. It was the Texas pride... Texans completely envelop themselves in their culture and their history.

I started to pay attention, and it took a long time, I have to say... at least 4 years... At LEAST!

I've lived in San Antonio... which is pretty awesome I must say, but I live in Austin now, and having lived here and visited many cities in Texas, I would say that Austin, is by far... The best city in Texas.

I want to share with you, why I now LOVE Texas...

Our Spring season are but a blink of the eye, in fact... Texas Spring time is hot, our summers are like being on the surface of the sun, but our Spring? The short spring we have, is clearly gorgeous... All over this great State, you will see our State flower, the "Bluebonnet" growing up and down nearly every road and highway.

Yes... They really are this beautiful.
The bluebonnets aren't the only flower you will see, at the State of Texas Government Official Website, they list where you can go in Texas to see different colors and types of wild flowers
These are my second favorite... The orange/red "Indian Paint Brushes".. so beautiful when seen with the Bluebonnet.
Those top two photos are courtesy of google photos, but I took this one last weekend
Austin is a reason to LOVE Texas!
I took this picture just yesterday, our skies are this blue most of the year!

Cowboy Boots
A great reason to want to be in Texas!
Everyone wears them... To school, to work, walking down the street...
(I'm getting this pair for my birthday in a month)
Sold at Cavender's
So many gorgeous ones, you have to own more than one pair!
These boots can be found at "Allen Boots" in Austin, Texas

More reasons to love Texas?
Because this is not completely uncommon to see...
Neither is a cowboy singing on a horse IN a Western store!

The people!
Texans are just awesome
And I'm not just saying this because this lady was giving away free wine at Allen Boots!

Texas ...
Because if you look like this...
No one bats an eye!
(I would not be caught dead like this in London!)

In Austin, we have water fountains for our dogs!

Because no matter where you go in Austin, you will hear live music..
And most weekends have a music festival on,
Yesterday there was an Urban Music Festival
Remember the guy on the horse?
Yep... Part of a band
There is live music literally all over Austin

Austin Rocks because we have the Colorado River running through our city!
Texans make the most of it..
You won't likely see anyone doing this down The Thames,
Kayaking is next on my list!
Some young boys were kayaking and had stopped to go fishing..
However, I'd fall off of this!
Our State is covered in Rivers

I like the wide open roads of Texas...
Especially in the Hill country...
I will mention that the drive to Houston is quite nice as well
Many ranches to enjoy

One of the coolest things about Austin?
The millions of bats that live under Congress Bridge

Because anyone that drives through our city of Austin is amused by this sign
I seriously need to grow up :)

We have the best Mexican food in the United States!
Technically, it's Tex-Mex

We have the best BBQ in the WORLD!
Rudy's is my favorite, but The Salt Lick is well renowned

The Weather in Texas
If you like anything outdoors
Texas is your place, name the sport... It's here
We seriously have the weather for it

And there you have it, just a few examples of why I enjoy the great State of Texas.
If you ever get the chance to visit Texas, shoot me an email and I'll show you some great spots I've discovered. The kids and I find a new place to go every weekend, just to explore...

Because we should all take the time to stop and enjoy what we have been blessed with.

Would I give up all of this for England? You betcha! But I fully intend to enjoy my journey and my every day here!
I Hope you have a great up coming week,
Much love,


  1. I have been through Texas but never spent any time there. I flew into Galvenston once and loved it. Glen Campbell put it on the map, I think! What a fun post- I am so glad that you love it now! xo Diana

  2. I think I'd move to Texas for the weather alone! I've been following Kathy Amen on Blogspot for years and I just love her posts about canoeing down the river in San Antonio and she's blogged about the bats too before! It does sometimes take a while to fall in love with our hometown. This was why I became such a hometown tourist in London - I was determined not to take a minute of it for granted!

  3. One thing that I wish that I had seen in Texas was bluebonnets growing wild, I had friends from there who went on and on about them, but they were never out when we visited! Glad that you are liking TX now, even though you want to move over here!! xx

  4. Those bluebonnets are amazing! My whole family on my moms side lives in Texas (dallas and houston) but I have yet to make it to Austin! It is on our list :)

  5. I'm sorry we lost you in Michigan -- you would have been a great ambassador if your enthusiasm was equal to this! Why, you make me want to hop a plane!

  6. Love the flowers Tammy. I have been to Austin and stay about 4 days. it was fun . But I know what you are saying about driving so far and seeing not much. I hope it agrees with you now. Blessings for a beautiful Spring. xoxo,Susie

  7. I'm new to your blog but saw it on a sidebar of another blog. I just had to read this post! I absolutely LOVE Texas! I lived there many years and I always tell people how special it is. I still have my Texas drawl, too! Hugs, Diane....from Florida

  8. It was great read and see all the photos as my husband will be in Austin at the end of this week.

  9. Those all sound like wonderful reasons to enjoy living in Texas.

  10. I knew Texas was big but didn't realise it was so HUGE! Your photos are great, the flowers look so typically English, loving the cowboy singer!

  11. Oh yes. Texas is huge!!! And you'll never find those wide wide roads in the English countryside. ;-)

  12. Thanks for giving us this wonderful insight into your home town Tammy. It does look great and can see why you love it so much. Blue skies definitely do it for me and I just love those blue bonnets. Have a fabulous week.
    Patricia x

  13. We lived in Texas for 2 years when my husband was in the Army, in Copperas Cove by Ft. Hood. I hated it. We were poor, our daughter was very sick, our cat got bitten by a cottonmouth snake. I couldn't wait to leave. Now I realize it wasn't Texas I hated, it was our situations.

  14. Love this post, Tammy! I moved to Saskatchewan years ago for a job and had a similar experience (especially when they said Fall was so colourful and pretty, and I am from the Maritimes!) But I really grew to appreciate it. The landscape is so subtle and I adore the big skies. And of course, the people rock! I have since moved back to NS but I will never let anyone knock the Prairies now!

  15. You did such a great job writing this post! I am so jealous of those year round blue skies. :) By the way, you could totally get away with wearing a cowgirl get-up here in London - I mean, have you SEEN the things people wear here?! This is one place where you can dress however the heck you want and no one will care, So bring those boots and cowgirl hat with you!

  16. You've totally sold me Texas!! You must be mad to want to change this for London, and as Sarah says above, have you looked at what Londoners wear? Anything goes, as the more individual you are, the better person you are. Bring some of that fabulous Texas spirit with you!! xx

  17. Looks like a great place! Luckily, I do love where I live and I would never swap it for anywhere else in the world. The Peak District is perfect for me, not that there aren't millions of other equally beautiful (perhaps more beautiful places) but for me, here is always going to be home, and where I want to be. I struggled to adjust to moving only 5 miles away!

  18. Sometimes it's just our attitudes and personal situations that make us either love or hate a place. Texas looks amazing, and I'm glad you've come to really love it through your explorations. What beautiful photos you've shown. The music and western gear make it all sound wonderful! I think a lot of times we take our areas for granted and don't go looking for anything new as we live day to day. I love where I live too, and although I love travelling and seeing beautiful places, I'll always come back home. Wendy x

  19. Love love this post :) :)
    That sign is hilarious & the flowers fabulous plus we could do with some of those blue skies, it's been pretty miserable last few days...nothing new of course LOL
    I adore the boots, & the dude on the horse...magic!!
    So it's your birthday this month....mine too!! Yes, Another great reason we're friends :)
    Texas sounds amazing, but for sure I would not be able to handle the heat, but I'd love to see the bats!!! Awesome. The can keep those!
    And when you're here in summer...we'll go ....kayaking....on the Thames!! ;) best fun! The London Eye never looked so good as from the river...ditto all the other landmarks along the way.
    Xxx I'm counting the days

  20. oh you cow girl! look at you in that hat. Thanks for the post about Texas, I really don't know very much about it. My son talks about Texas, of course he is slightly fascinated by the different approach to corporal punishment and law side of things, and has been watching a program about it! I sadly have only the image of the program Dallas from the 80's in my head and old J R Ewing out on the ranch! So it's about time I saw a bit beyond that. Oh and I really digged the christmas card with the cowboys on, I said to my son, only from Texas! Heather X

  21. You must be kidding. Texas absolutely sucks. I have lived her for 17 years and would move in a heartbeat. My husband is from Texas. I resent the hell out of him for not getting the heck out of here. If I had the money and could support myself and my children, I'd be gone in the blink of an eye. People only live here cause they don't know any better.


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