Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shopping on Baker Street?

When you think about shopping in London you might think about Portobello Road Market, Harrods or Oxford Street... However, I'm sure that Baker Street isn't the first location that springs to mind, NOT for shopping anyway... Maybe for that famous detective, His name escapes me... it's ... um... Oh yes, Sherlock Holmes :)
Technically we didn't do our shopping on Baker street, but it's a fun road to visit, for obvious reasons with all of the Sherlock business, I thought I might walk into Benedict Cumberbatch, however; he apparently had better things to do!! (Imagine that) There is the Sherlock Holmes Museum however and so many other cool places aren't far off Baker Street, like Madame Tussauds, to name one. We wanted to shop at Cath Kidston and Emma Bridgewater on a Sunday, and since there are many stores in London that aren't opened on a Sunday... as they are housed in parts of London that only business individuals tend to gather, and since there is only a trickle of patronage on the weekends, they close shop. (I learned this the hard way! So always check the websites before shopping in London on the weekends).

We met on Baker Street but actually went shopping on Marylebone High Street specifically for these 2 fantastic and extremely effeminate stores.
On this sunny Sunday in March, My lovely friend Lisa and I decided to meet at Starbucks on Baker Street, as Starbucks seems to be one place that an American can easily spot, it seemed the obvious meeting point. Oh... and while I'm on the topic of Starbucks, do keep in mind that when you order anything "skinny" in England, it doesn't mean the same as the States, I almost choked on my Skinny Vanilla Latte, which is sweet at home due to artificial sweetener, however in London it means no sweet at all, zip, none, nadda... As I sat at the table with my bitter latte, I enjoyed people watching and listened to the people on the right side of me speak what sounded like french and the other side of me, well, that table had 2 women speaking a language I wasn't familiar with, but how cool is that? London is so diverse and rich with culture, that coming into constant contact with people from all over the world is not uncommon but actually very common place. I truly love that city!
Marylebone High Street ...
Cath Kidston is hard to walk into without wanting to buy everything in the store, I bought a scarf and left it at that, but I honestly wanted one of everything! There isn't an inch of this store that we didn't explore, it's seriously so very English!
Isn't it hard not to covet?
                        Cath Kidston is home to many feminine designs in fashion and for the home.
Personally, I think Lisa should have bought the dress!
So much to look at!

My infamous Cath Kidston Scarf that I would normally never pay $40 for, but you do crazy things on holiday... and well, I was in London! My most favorite city in the World!
Baker Street and Marylebone High Streets are both lovely streets to mosey down, as most streets in London, they have beautiful personality.
The infamous detective Holmes is always lurking about on the Street corners as well!
The Emma Bridgewater store isn't far from Cath Kidston and it goes without saying that Emma Bridgewater has some of the most beautiful pieces of kitchen pottery in England! 
The Marylebone High Street store opens up at 11am on Sundays, since the shopkeeper was a bit late, we stood outside where I snapped photos, I was so excited once inside I didn't think to take photos once in the shop!
I bought a lovely Emma Bridgewater mug for myself
                And a lovely cup and plate for my daughter, How cute is this pattern?... Hannah adores it!
I encourage you to visit Emma Bridewater and Cath Kidston only if you plan on doing more than just looking, as it's almost impossible to leave empty handed!

When walking around London, you're almost always likely to bump into one of these, do make sure you say hello!

The Marylebone High Street Cath Kidston store is located at 
51 Marylebone High Street
London, W1U 5HW
0207 935 6555

The Emma Bridgewater Marylebone High Street store is located at
81a Marylebone High Street
London, W1U 4QL
0207 486 6897

Baker Street and Marylebone High Street are both well worth the visit!

I hope you're having a great week,

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Crayon Melting!

There is more to life than traveling the Globe.
Like... Crayon Melting for instance :)
I'd like to blame this on the children, or the many broken crayons that we have, but the truth is, I just wanted to melt crayons!

Because I have been working this summer and I usually have summers off, and because I've been studying a lot, my daughter hasn't had as much of  mom as she's used to. SO I made Fridays "Friday Fun Day" at our house. Hannah is absolutely obsessed with crafting and homemaking, I seriously don't know where she gets it. Well... Okay I get the crafting part, because I'm all about making and trying, but that girl is making home made cakes from scratch now, She's 9! ! When her brother bought his first house and moved in last week (at the age of 21, woohooo! GO JOSHUA!) Hannah decided she would make something for Joshua's wife, so she whipped up 2 pot holders. I told her I wanted some too... she told me "I could wait"... haha! She also does origami, crochet's, makes jewelry, sews by hand, writes stories and is obsessed with watching tutorials on youtube! Wait... This blog is not about my daughter!! It's about this...

Breaking up old crayons... (Make sure you get off every bit of paper)
I was like a kid, sniffing crayons (Have you ever opened up a new box of crayons and sniffed them? No? Well... trust me, the old ones don't have that same memory smell!).

First things first, I used two baking pans, one was just a mini muffin pan, and the other was a special cookie sheet from Easter, I thought it could pass as summer fun as well, so we loaded up crayons in it.
How cute is this cookie sheet? I bought it like 2 years ago and haven't used it, but then ... I melt crayons in it! See what I'm like? :)
Then began the fun part... Well fun for me, the girls (My niece helped as well) kept giving up out of boredom of taking paper off of crayons, so I had to keep telling them their tins weren't full enough! Of course you really have to use your imagination on that one, "guesstimate" about how the crayons will melt and fill up your tin.

I baked mine on 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
They melt VERY fast! I would say that they were in the oven roughly 5-7 minutes. 
When they come out of the oven they are BOILING hot. I mean obviously... they've been in an oven!
They were perfectly filled, and as I moved them from the oven to the table, I was worried about them spilling and well... I spilled them anyway! All over the table as well, but no worries, as they dry, they come right off of a wood table and the medal pan. Just wait for them to completely solidify.
                         I loved taking these pictures, it was like my own mini molten lava experiment!
So we have re-used bits of crayon that would have normally ended up in the trash! They are just as perfect to use for coloring after they are melted as when they were first bought. Just look at the colors! I'm so tempted to enlarge this photo and hang it on the wall!
Here's the finished product!
No oil or spray is needed because the crayons just pop out of the pan when they are cooled off, you just need to flip the pan upside down and give it a tap!
I seriously want the kids to use up more crayons so I can do this craft again! I mean who doesn't love crayons and color and art and and and...

If you have children (Or aren't embarrassed as an adult to admit you color), then you need to give this a try! It's great stress release!

You'll need:
Crayons (Peeled)
Any baking sheets you have or want to use
a 275 degree Oven
And...Towel or Wax paper to flip your crayons out on

Have fun and I can't wait to see your photos!

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend!
Tammy x

Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Share This" Buttons For Blogs and Websites

Have you ever met one of those people that can turn a webpage into a work of art?

Ya... I'm not one of them!

I know it's "User Error", but I can't even manage to get my blog page to be even! I'm a perfectionist (Though you wouldn't know that by the pile of dirty dishes in my sink), anyway, I have to have it straight... Perfectly... And my widths just aren't working... Or my text in my title is blurry... Or ... Or... 

Anyway, as I work through my re-design of my blog page, I'm going to continue to blog along and write, So please excuse the mess as I re-arrange, accidentally delete and re-size my blog page! 

One thing I did get right... Is searching for adding "Share" buttons at the bottom of my post (scroll down and you will see them). There is a website called "Share This" that will do the work for you, you only have to add the code to your page!

It would be super cool if I could figure out how to link directly from the picture :)
But until I become a master of all things technical (COUGH cough)... I'll leave you with the link.

Have a great 4th of July America!
Tammy x