Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Share This" Buttons For Blogs and Websites

Have you ever met one of those people that can turn a webpage into a work of art?

Ya... I'm not one of them!

I know it's "User Error", but I can't even manage to get my blog page to be even! I'm a perfectionist (Though you wouldn't know that by the pile of dirty dishes in my sink), anyway, I have to have it straight... Perfectly... And my widths just aren't working... Or my text in my title is blurry... Or ... Or... 

Anyway, as I work through my re-design of my blog page, I'm going to continue to blog along and write, So please excuse the mess as I re-arrange, accidentally delete and re-size my blog page! 

One thing I did get right... Is searching for adding "Share" buttons at the bottom of my post (scroll down and you will see them). There is a website called "Share This" that will do the work for you, you only have to add the code to your page!

It would be super cool if I could figure out how to link directly from the picture :)
But until I become a master of all things technical (COUGH cough)... I'll leave you with the link.

Have a great 4th of July America!
Tammy x


  1. Hi Tammy. I'm glad someone else struggles with the technical side of all this! Thanks for your earlier comments on A Bit About Britain - you need to change your settings so you are not a 'no reply blogger'. Yes on Twitter - but don't look at it much - and giving Facebook a try. In fact, I'm steaming into the 19th century...

  2. You're doing far better than me Tammy, I'm still struggling getting my photos uploaded! Have a wonderful weekend. x

  3. I hope that you have a great 4th and that you get the webby issues resolved! xx


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