Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to School 2014

I feel as if I have to apologize before I start this blog post.
Because I'm about to be extremely shallow when I tell you that back to school shopping is one of my favorite times of the year!

I have an excuse to buy lots of little girl clothes and office supplies!

Having 4 boys, I've had my fair share of Levi's, Converse and Nike, but with a little girl... It's so much more fun! She doesn't roll her eyes if I ask her if she likes something, she doesn't tell me to HURRY UP, and she loves shopping with me!

I'm not a huge shopper, not anymore. I know by these pictures you'll think that I just wonder around aimlessly looking for things to spend my money on, but that's the farthest thing from the truth. I'm actually quite frugal, rarely buy anything unless it's on sale and I'm very good at saving money. I don't just spend to spend... I go on a mission, and once that mission is complete. I stop spending.

Before I shop though... I go through Hannah's and Andrew's closets and I either keep, donate, sell on ebay or upcycle the old clothing... by upcycle I mean, if it's an old tshirt, I'll cut it into a rag, and I will even donate clothing that needs repaired because I know some places will repair old clothing to sell or to give away.

Out with the Old...

I couldn't part with some of these so they are being saved for my future grand-daughter :)

And here are some of the new...

Why weren't clothes this cute when I was 9?

So school shopping is done for now, until winter hits, and luckily it won't get cold in Austin until around November, and then it's only a little chilly!

I'm not the kind of person that has to have the latest of everything,... don't get me wrong, I do like nice things, I have nice things... but I don't have to have the latest nice thing. I don't have a flat screen TV, my TV is not so old that you have to get up to turn the dial or watch it in black and white, but it's seriously dated! I won't buy a new computer unless the one before it actually starts to show a blank screen... like the blue screen of death, and I refuse to buy a new phone unless it's decided to go to phone heaven.

It sounds like I'm making excuses for myself, or justifying myself! I just don't like waste!

But I do love buying clothes for my daughter, I was once an obsessed clothes buyer for myself, but now I am cool with the same jeans for 4 years!

A big part of school shopping...
The School Supply Lists!

The supply list from each school seems to get longer and more expensive by the year!
Here are the 2 lists that my children had for this year.

Hannah's School Supply List for her 4th grade class is:
24 #2 Pencils
1 Hand held pencil sharpener (with holder for shavings)
9 Spiral Notebooks (Wide ruled, Different Colors, No designs)
2 (200 Count) packs of wide ruled paper
1 bottle of Glue (4 ounce)
8 Pocket Folders + 1 Purple Folder for Art
1 Pair Fiskar Scissors (Metal Blade)
1 Package of Washable Markers
1 Box of 24 Count Crayons
1 Box of Colored Pencils
1 Yellow Highlighter
1 Ruler (Dual scale, metric and conventional)
1 Zippered Supply Pouch (No boxes)
2 Large Boxes of Tissues
1 Package of 4x6 Index Cards
BOYS 1 Box of Gallon Sized Ziplock Bags
GIRLS 1 Box of Quart Sized Ziplock Bags
1 Backpack large enough to carry 9"x12" Folders (No Wheels)
1 Ream of Copy Paper
2 Composition Books, Wide Ruled (Prefer Black or Green)

Andrew's School Supply List for his 6th grade classes are:
Send in $5 for a Math Journal
Send in $5 for an English Journal
Send in $5 for lock for school locker
Send in $5 for Agenda Book
Send in $5 for Science Lab
Send in $5 for Use of a program online for Reading class
$34 for Choir
2 Yellow Folders
3 Ring Binder
Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
Heavy Duty Supply Pouch
Blue or Black Pens
Colored Pencils
Box of Markers
2 Glue Sticks
Scotch Tape
Pencil Sharpener
Composition Book
Package of Disinfecting Wipes
Roll of Paper Towels
2 Boxes of Tissues
Sandwich Ziploc Baggies
Quart Ziploc Baggies

Apparently the schools think I'm made of money!
The supplies from the list are just the "Needed" items, there was another list that asked for donations.

Hannah enjoyed organizing everything and putting it all into the book-bags... Andy didn't care, as long as he showed up to school with a pencil in his hand! Of course I made him painfully organize his binder.. he'll thank me for teaching him organization skills one day. Okay.. okay... Maybe not, but I'm a firm believer that being organized is a huge key to success!

I wish I had an excuse to carry around erasers like these!

Andrew started Middle School and hasn't had his "Back to school night yet", but since I work at the same school he attends, I know what he's up to and I know who his teachers are. He really enjoyed his first week and likes Middle School. It was time for him to move on from Elementary, some kids are just ready.

Hannah being "The baby", is still in Elementary and we already had her meet the teacher night. It so happens that her teacher was my 23 year old son's 4th grade teacher and Andrew's 4th grade teacher as well... I couldn't be more pleased. She is also the dual language teacher, Hannah learns 3 days a week in Spanish. I really love that! Because Hannah is in dual language, the same kids are in Hannah's class every year. This is Mrs. Ortiz, an amazing teacher. She's strict and well... I like that! The focus is on education and she takes no funny business off of the kids!

Hannah's new teacher..

And it's always awesome to bump into a friend!

The school year is off to a great start here! For all 3 of us, I love my job and I love working for the public school district in my city, the kids love their teachers and classes... Life is good, and we are all looking forward to to another great year!

Andrew (12) and Hannah (9), First day of School, August 2014

Here's to a wonderful 2014-2015 School Year!
I hope you all have a blessed and safe one!


  1. We've always had uniforms at school, so not so great going for new school clothes. Hannah's wardrobe is so colourful. I thought the lists we got for uniform was bad enough, I'm so pleased they don't stipulate which stationery and school supplies to buy too.

  2. Wow, those are some amazing lists!!!! It must cost a fortune. I had no idea. xx

  3. I was just reading today about how much teachers spend on supplies for their classes in the US (it was about $500 a year), in England all the paper and notebooks are provided by the school, pens, pencils and crayons too, it seems crazy to me that teachers and parents are providing school supplies out of their own money! Anyway, happy back to school! Hope they (and you!) have a good year :) xx

  4. I am the same as you - hate waste! I really wear my clothes in and then cut them into rags and they aren't usually in condition to donate! But that doesn't mean I don't like buying new things. Don't feel you have to justify yourself! You just want to best for you daughter! Her new clothes are adorable. I wouldn't be able to get rid of any of the old stuff either though!

  5. Cute photo of your kiddos!! Andrew is so much taller than Hannah!!


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