Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Barbie's Dreamhouse Experience, Florida

When we ventured to Fort Lauderdale, Florida a couple of weeks ago on vacation, the last thing I thought I would be doing is visiting Barbie's Dreamhouse Mansion, in fact... I didn't even know it existed!

When we were checking into our hotel my daughter spotted the pink brochure across the room with all of the other travel literature... How did she know it was Barbie?? It was miles away! Okay... Feet.. feet away, but how did she know?

Oh, it must have been the picture of Barbie! Or the Pink, on pink... with the side of pink!

Hannah begged, and she pleaded and she asked, and then she asked again.. "Please Mommy?!?!"
The only problem was, her 12 year old brother was with us, and there is no way that boy would agree to going anywhere near a Barbie anything, much less a mansion!

So we compromised, he would go, but he would wait outside and play his gameboy... What a sport eh?
Turns out, he didn't have to wait outside at all, when we arrived, we saw this DIRECTLY next door.

Well Played Barbie, well played.

So Hannah and I embarked on our Barbie adventure

Here are the costs... The VIP special includes makeup sessions and parties, we paid the regular fees.

You are not allowed to freely roam around the Dreamhouse, but you go in small groups of little girls and their moms, of course there were some dads there as well, I love it when dads play along! 
The first place the tour guide takes the group is into the interactive elevator, in there you will see "fake" windows, which you will see glide up the floors of the mansion, of course you're not moving at all, but it's a cute experience. 

The first room that you will enter is Barbie's kitchen, it really is a great way to start the tour and one of the best rooms in the house, the objects in the room are life size barbie objects that you would find in the Barbie dollhouse. It's hands on, and the girls can play with whatever they see in the room, there are also Barbie Dolls lined on every wall. Of course. As it IS all about Barbie!

Barbie's freezer was fun, that was also on the tour, attached to the kitchen...

There was also Barbie's Library...

Doesn't everyone have a baby grand in the library? A PINK one no less!

And Hannah liked Barbie's bedroom..

She was also amused that Barbie's toilet had a dolphin in it...

There was one big disappointment in Barbie's Dreamhouse and it was the part that Hannah wanted to see the most, it was Barbie's closet. The minute she saw it she said ... 
"Oh no mom the clothes aren't real"

The clothes were actually wallpaper. I mean this is Barbie and her Dreamhouse, they could have at least put a little money into the wardrobe!

There were a couple of "real" pairs of shoes behind glass,
Also... Barbie's real miniture wardrobe was behind glass... which gave it a "Museum" type feel... But they were very well thought of and elegantly displayed.

There was also an interactive quick ride in Barbie's private jet as well as an interactive dress up session, the downside though is you have to patiently wait, one at a time, for each girl to participate and try each outfit on in the "large computer screen" shaped like Barbie's mirror.... Hannah grew bored and wanted to leave.

There is also a small gift shop, you would have thought that there would have been every single Barbie product on the market there, but only one type of Barbie was for sale, the one that is representing the Dreamhouse Experience. Hannah didn't even ask for her! The shop was very small, and more lights and glamour than product.

All in all, I'm sorry to report that it's really not worth the money from a mom point of view, But Hannah's point of view? She wants to go again. So what does that mean? I'd pay for it again, (if we were in Fort Lauderdale)... there are only 2 in the United States, the other Barbie Dreamhouse experience is in Minneapolis, at The Mall of America. This trip was all for my 9 year old daughter, not me... and she loved it!

Don't think that my son missed out,
He didn't even know we were gone!

I hope you're having a fabulous week!
Tammy x

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  1. I had never heard of this before! It certainly is heaven for a little girl and they are brilliant for having the game room next door for the kiddos not interested in Barbie!

  2. That is actually very awesome! I think I would probably go there as an adult!! Very clever to put that game room right next door too - whoever did that clearly had a thinking cap on!

  3. That looks great, such a lot of fun! You can never have too much pink in my opinion (my daughter hates pink :-( )

  4. Looks like your wee girl had a fantastic time!
    Marianne x

  5. My daughter would LOVE this! She loves all things Barbie. I wish there was one closer.

  6. I can't believe they didn't have REAL clothes in the wardrobe!! That's very disappointing. At least your daughter enjoyed it so much she wants to go back.

  7. I can understand the disappointment at the lack of real clothes, especially after all the other things there had been! It sounds as though your daughter really enjoyed herself though - and so did your son!! xx

  8. Who knew? I think I'd wear my hot pink trousers...just to clash with the house.
    Jane x


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