Monday, August 11, 2014

British Fabric Designs

Anglophile's beware, this fabric will have you breaking out in cold sweats....

Just look at these British designs!

And this bag... How gorgeous is this bag?

How did Gilly know I love polka dots?

Who is Gilly you ask?
She's the amazing blogger that made this bag and surprised me with it by sending it to Texas,
She also sent Cadbury!
A bag full of chocolate?
Wait wha?

Though a personal bag to stash my chocolate in is ideal, I am going to use this beautiful bag for travel!

Do you think the chocolate is calorie free?
I think I'll have it for lunch!
Seriously... We are talking Cadbury.

Okay I'm just kidding..
But I think I need to hide it from the kids. I'm going to have to find a new place, they have discovered my hiding places and my teenager ate all of my last stash of British Chocolate! (I think that's a crime punishable by law!)

Here is Gilly's Blog, of course I didn't want to blast her personal information all over the net, but her blog is not on private, so take the time to visit, she makes the cutest stuff!

Thank you Gilly, thank you for the surprise and the wonderful gifts, they came at a time when I really needed a pick-me-up!
You're the best!
Take a peak at all of Gilly's Creations at GILLY MAKES

Have a great week!
Tammy x


  1. Glad it arrived safe & sound, and yes, the chocs are definitely calorie-free 😉 The best way to hide them from the kids is just to eat them all!
    Enjoy! Hugs xx

  2. Honestly Tammy you know I have a fabric addition. I can't believe you shared this :) What a lovely surprise for you, especially as you couldn't make it out here. I will have to checkout Gilly's blog. Hope you got to enjoy your chocolate before your kids got to it.
    Ali xx

  3. What a lovely surprise. Hope you enjoyed the chocolate. Cadbury's is good!

  4. That's a gorgeous bag, and any chocolate you didn't buy yourself is always calorie free!
    ps I've linked to you in my most recent post (not published yet!)

  5. I became addicted to Cadbury (the British kind) while in England the first time. I ate it every chance I got, and fortunately walked it off every day. I don't dare try that here, and the Cadbury here is not the same. We drove past the huge Cadbury plant in Birmingham and I wanted to go in, but...

    Love those fabrics and the bag and the sweet treats!

  6. Now I could do my whole house in that fabric!! Too much??!! The Marvellous Creations chocolate is out of this world, especially the popping candy one! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog regarding the letter. I'm off to the Tower tomorrow to look at the poppy installation. Can't wait to get back to my wonderful home town. (by the way, you've gone 'no reply' again - isn't it annoying?!!) :-)

  7. Mmmm chocolate...yes, those prints are darling! I love quirky a British prints like these!

  8. Gilly really is a star isn't she! And so talented too! I hope that you can keep the stash a secret and enjoy it yourself late at night when you have the need for it! xx


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