Sunday, August 17, 2014

Do you believe in Global Warming?

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You've all heard it in the news, some of you deny it as a hoax, and others take it quite seriously and to heart, but you've all heard the words... "Global Warming"...

Stay with me.
                                                                              Photo from Deepak Chopra Website

Without having to turn on the news of the day, you know that human beings are capable of creating huge amounts of pollution. You can just drive to your nearest city to see that... no matter which country you live.

We know that Human Beings are destroying the planet, bit by bit...

You know that we are causing emissions ...

Most of the emissions are in the form of Carbon Dioxide or CO2

But did you know... That  many countries, including The United States, Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom are actually cleaning the air of our emissions? Do you know how they are doing it?

They are pumping the Carbon Dioxide underground and storing it there, yep... They are taking our pollution, from this that or the other and sticking it under ground. A lot of it is being stored in the North Sea, underground in the United Kingdom. Where oil reserves have been pumped dry. Where there was once oil, there is now carbon dioxide. Under ground, stored... hidden, for eternity, if we're lucky. This process of removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is called "Carbon Sequestration".

                                                                               Photo from the USGC website
This is a really great thing right?
If it doesn't leak.
Can it leak?
It's possible. History shows that whenever human beings mess around with mother nature, we end up creating havoc, but as long as this CO2 remains sealed, all will be safe.
But...what if it does leak?
Well, basically, the Planet is going to heat up, and it's going to get real uncomfortable, real fast.

Back to that "theory" of Global Warming.

If Global Warming isn't real, if we have nothing to worry about, then why are so many countries scrambling around looking for ways to stop the planet from heating up? Heating up because we have way too many emissions (caused by us) in the air?

Let's move past that for just a second...

My point? Just some food for thought. Is it really safe to pump our planet full of Carbon Dioxide? Okay... I'm exaggerating, it's not the whole planet. But at what point do we stop? Wouldn't it be a better idea to look at the mistakes we have made and try to be "greener"? We all know little things add up. The things you and I are guilty of doing every day... over buying useless stuff made in China, driving everywhere instead of taking the bus, not reducing, recycling and upcycling. I'm as guilty as you are. I consider myself an environmentalist but there is so much more I could be doing.

What I've found? Most people don't recycle or reduce because... they just simply can't be bothered. I've watching colleagues put a plastic bottle into the trash, when the recycle can was sitting beside the garbage can.

Do you believe in Global Warming?
Do you think Carbon Sequestration is a good idea?
Or do you think we should try to cut emissions in other ways?

I'd love to hear your opinion on this, I will publish comments regardless of whether or not you agree with me, as we are all entitled to our own respectful opinions.
I hope you have a fantastic up and coming week!


  1. I'm not 100% convinced about Global Warming as I know our weather patterns go in cycles. However, I don't think pumping carbon dioxide underground could possibly be a good idea. Messing with nature in this way usually ends up being a disaster. Whether or not it makes a huge difference, it certainly does no harm to re-use, reduce and recycle.

  2. Wow Tammy this was really interesting. I do believe in global warming due to the extreme changes in our weather. I didn't know anything about the CO2 storage and I am really not sure whether I'm happy about this kind of thing. In the past the UK government has told us things where safe and they weren't but on the other hand they really like to scaremonger. For me the answer is to recycle, improve public transport and find greener ways of creating energy. Thanks for being so informative. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx

  3. I don't call it "Global Waring" but Climate Change..and yes, it's happening.
    Jane x

  4. I've never heard of storing CO2 - sounds bonkers, to be honest. If it happens. As for global warming etc, it doesn't matter whether you believe it or not because the sensible steps to minimise the effects make sense anyway. And any idiot can work out that there isn't an infinite amount of fossil fuels.

  5. This is pretty long, Tammy, but you did ask for our opinions, right?

    It is not uncommon for the earth to go through global warming for a period or global cooling for a period, but while we have people worrying about extreme weather (and now almost anything is considered extreme weather), we need to keep in mind a couple important clues to the whole controversy:

    1. Follow the Money
    2. Everything is Political

    The media drive issues in this country, whether it's the shooting in Ferguson, MO or global warming or global cooling (or when it isn't following the pattern you're preaching, to change the title to 'climate change').

    We have a responsibility as stewards of this earth to be conservative with the resources God has given us, to be mindful of others, not to use and abuse the land - as so many do for the sake of the dollar

    That's one of the things that bugs me about one of the spin-offs of the whole 'global warming' thing - how large companies continue to pollute but simply purchase carbon credits, sort of like the Middle Ages indulgences, which allow them to continue to pollute as long as they buy up plots of trees in the Amazon or elsewhere and make sure that no one there is using those trees.

    In steps the Ugly American once again. This tactic does not take into consideration the tribal people who've been subsisting in the Amazon, using trees now and then to build houses, to make fire, etc. Now we have the large corporation's armed Green Police forcing these people out of their homes.

    We went through our period of Industrialization as did the UK, and yet we think we have the right to tell other countries that they can't industrialize? Who do we think we are???

    Then there's Al Gore whose lifestyle depends upon the promotion of global warming and carbon credits - so that he can use all the electricity he wants and fly here and there (using all the fuel he wants) to promote his agenda. And he's not the only one doing that. It's hypocritical, to say the least.

    The following is a part of a transcript of a program from Australia. I once saw a FRONTLINE on PBS that also addressed the issue of the armed Green Police and how it was affecting poor tribal people who've lived in the Amazon for generations.

    "SUZANNE SMITH: The carbon market is worth about US$300 billion today. That figure is expected to rise to US$2 to US$3 trillion in the next decade. But Mark Shapiro says there are serious consequences to this carbon trade, especially for local farmers.

    Since the reserve was created, this landowner can no longer gather food from the area.

    This one endangered Harta palm tree can feed his family of five people.

    And now that the carbon in this forest is a tradeable commodity, law enforcement has been stepped up. The so-called Green Police, a branch of the military, are using heavy-handed tactics to protect the reserves.

    Another farmer whose land borders the reserve entered the forest to find wood to fix the leaking roof on his house.

    ANTONIO ALVES, FARMER (voiceover translation): Then two police officers showed up. One puts a gun right here. I looked at him and turned off my chainsaw. They handcuffed me right there.

    SUZANNE SMITH: Antonio Alvez spent 11 days in jail for the crime.

    Other local landholders are paid not to cut down the trees. Families receive $25 a month, but you can only access your payment via an ATM machine, but for some it is a two-day round trip to get to the ATM and half the stipend just goes on travel."

    I think it's important to look at all sides of an issue before coming down on the side of the US news media. And I'll continue to always look at a topic with 1) Follow the Money and 2) Everything is Political in mind.

  6. Truly, my thoughts change a lot, BUT, I do what I can, I try and recycle, reduce, reuse all that I can, I try to reduce what I use, for example, I rarely have a bag when I buy something as I take my own along, I don't fly a lot, I garden, we have a water butt to use rainwater for the garden, I don't drive a lot and so on. If I could afford it I would definitely have solar panels and support their use where they are appropriate and so on. I don't know if it has any effect or will have any effect, but I figure that it isn't going to make anything worse, so even if it doesn't make it better it is a good idea to try isn't it? xx

  7. I think it's a very interesting issue - we do need to help our planet in as many ways as possible!

  8. Tammy - I had never even head of this :( thank you for sharing. I will want to look at it all more closely.


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