Friday, August 15, 2014

Random Liebster Blog Love

This is my 3rd nomination for the Liebster Blog Award, I want to thank the ever so lovely Jay for nominating me, I feel as if I have in turn already nominated about a quadrillion people myself and because of that, I will answer the questions given to me, as they are great Ice breakers, but I honestly don't know who I would have left to nominate, seriously, I read the most incredible blogs with big followings. I mean, I know some amazing people! Thank you all for reading, for commenting and for allowing me to be part of your world.

Here are the questions given to me.

1) What would you do on your ideal day? 
Recently I took a trip to the Florida keys... It's so fresh in my mind still, so I'm going to say, that my perfect dream of a day in a perfect world, would be on a tropical island, sitting and watching the gorgeous crystal clear shades of blue, aqua and pale green waters with my children, right before we scuba dive! OR London... Just anywhere, London... OR Walking the shorelines of Ireland.

2) What did you want to be "when you grew up"? And did you achieve it?
I wanted to move to New York City and become a fashion designer.
I have no idea why. I think because I lived in such a teeny tiny town on the Canadian border, there were like 69 kids in my graduating class, we had no shops to speak of and our nearest mall was 3 hours away, I think because of the seclusion I just wanted to take off to a big city. My sites are now set on things that matter... The Environment, Being a mother and education... Not on the latest fashions! Though I do like a pretty outfit :)

3 Tattoos and/or piercings; do you have any, do you love/hate them?
I have virgin skin! I do have my ears pierced though, but I'm afraid that's all the piercings this body is going to see... I might get a tattoo of Tower Bridge on the arch of my foot. Don't act surprised :)

4) Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
With a Masters Degree, Working on my Doctorate. A grandmother (I mean come on... I have one engaged son of 23 years and one married that's 21... One of those two has to start a family!)... I see myself with a teenage daughter, putting the younger 2 through University, I see myself living in Europe while visiting the USA often, buying a home here to come back to. I see myself traveling, often... And an advocate on Environmental issues

5) What are you reading right now?
My Biology and Physiology Book for class.

6) Serious theatre or musicals; or do you not visit the theatre?
I don't visit the theater, not because I don't want to go, but because I have kids, and if I go to the theater, it will be a children's production, which I'm totally okay with!

7) Do you have a secret crush? (famous person or otherwise!)
I used to have a celebrity crush on Val Kilmer, but now, I don't really care what celebrities are doing, I'm just not impressed by people that are famous just for pretending to be someone else...

8) Who knows about your blog, or is it secret?
It's never been a secret, but I only recently shared it with my family on a regular basis via facebook, I want them to read and know that I'm most happy when I'm with my children (they know this) and traveling (They are catching on to this part), I want them to know that I plan on packing up and traveling the world with my children. Not to run away from them or anyone, but to explore this beautiful planet!

9) Would your ideal holiday (if funds were unlimited) involve seeing more of your own country or worldwide travel?
Bora Bora Baby! My ultimate dream.

10) If you could rescue one item from your house in the event of a disaster what would it be? (family and pets aside) My photographs! In today's world, I have everything backed up, but I have pictures from when my children were small and when I was a little girl, they are good old fashioned one copy only photos!

11) If you were invited to a fancy dress party would you get excited, have a head brimming with ideas and immediately throw yourself into creating a fabulous outfit or do you struggle and wish it wasn't fancy dress? 
To be honest, I probably wouldn't attend. I do enjoy being with friends and I do like to go out, but I'm very much an introvert. I like to travel... and see historical places and the latest art and museums, I like to experience tours with tour guides, swimming, hiking, shopping, going for a meal and walk a city from end to end...I like all that travel and the day has to offer, but at the end of it all, I want to go home... or even to a hotel room... and just relax. I'm not much for small talk, I rarely go to parties. And I like it that way. That probably makes me sound like a snob, I'm absolutely not, I love to talk to people, but going to a party full of people I don't know, it's just not my idea of a good time. And I'm at the age in life, if I don't see the point... I just don't go. I would rather hang out with my kids, or read blogs :)

Who am I nominating?
Anyone that stops by, go on... The Questions are fun! You know you want to dress up as a playboy bunny for the fancy dress party!! (Remember Bridget Jones.. :)

Have a seriously awesome weekend!
It's my last weekend of freedom! Then I'm back to work after a 3 month summer! It's time I got my lazy bum back, besides, I miss my students!

Tammy x


  1. I have always wanted to go to Bora Bora. I remember seeing photos when I was little of the huts over water as hotel rooms.

  2. Good to find out more about you. Enjoy your last weekend of freedom!

  3. It was great to read your answers Tammy! I hope that you enjoy your last bit of time before the return to work!! xx

  4. I think we would get along very well in the real world Tammy!

  5. I love your first answer. There have been so many travel moments that have endured and that I wished could have lasted forever!

  6. I love your answers Tammy, they make great reading. I didn't enjoy my trip to the Florida Keys although it was a beautiful place we drove a long way to get there with 3 bickering children in the back seat of a tiny car - the stuff of nightmares! I fell out of the car with a headache - and it rained!

  7. I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions. Hope your return to work goes well.

  8. Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself with us. It's lovely to know a little more about the person behind the blog. Hope your ready for your first day back at work. I used to love the first day back at school as a kid. Have a wonderful week.
    Ali xx

  9. I'd save the photos too, those old ones can't be replaced!


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