Friday, August 1, 2014

Storing Luggage at Heathrow Airport

Did you know you can store your luggage at Heathrow Airport?

Now before you say "Duh... of course you can, you've always been able to"...

Many airports have removed the ability to store luggage in lockers because of it being a security risk.

When I was in London the last time, I wanted to take a two day trip to Ireland. I Flew with Aer Lingus and they charge for each bag that you check, since I was already taking one carry on and a duffle bag there was no way I wanted to lug a big suitcase as well on such a short trip! If I'm only going somewhere for 2 days why would I want to drag around a big piece of luggage?

So before checking in for my flight to Ireland, I dropped my bag off in a designated luggage storage area at Heathrow Airport. There is actually a physical person there, not a locker or some other funky storage area you're left to figure out... You will (of course) be asked safety/security/airport type questions (you are in an aiport after all!) and then they will take your bag and store it for you, the airport personel have the right to x-ray or search your bag at any time it is in their care.

Keep in mind though, if you're traveling many places, and using many terminals, the terminals at Heathrow can be very cumbersome to get through with a big bag, the terminals can also take 30 minutes to get between (That's on a lucky day), so you will have to time your journey right in order to pick up your bag at one terminal to make it to another terminal if you're flying after pick up.

I had my bag stored in Terminal 1, after returning from Ireland I had to practically sprint through the terminal after landing so I could pay for and pick up my luggage in order to get very quickly to Terminal 5 to fly back to the States, by quick I mean I had one hour from touch down of one plane to take off of another!!... Switching terminals at Heathrow... Getting through security... Picking up my bag...  I barely, and I do mean b-a-r-e-l-y made it. I missed gate closing by a couple of minutes.

Each Terminal of Heathrow has a designated luggage storage area, however, also keep in mind that though they have very long opening hours ... The left baggage area does close for roughly 7 hours a night.

Prices start at 5 Pounds for 2 hours of storage... or 10 pounds a day.

You can find the price list and all information about storing your luggage at Heathrow at:
Left Baggage at Heathrow

I hope this information is of some help to you, I actually read many articles and blogs before I travel and get great tips and help from people that have discovered things before I have... If I feel as if I've found something to help make travel easier for you, I'll pass it along!

Do you know of other Airports around the World that offer luggage storage?

I hope you have had a great week and have a peaceful and relaxing weekend,
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  1. I'd been wondering where you had gone to! Thanks for letting me know! Re the above I think £10 is quite reasonable for a whole day's storage in London, useful to know. Also re your last post, my brother is always saying "I'm sure you're a blond really". I guess we all have 'blond' moments lol. x

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