Thursday, August 14, 2014

Upcycled Luggage Tags

Just a quick post ...

I'm crazy about Recycling.
In fact, I would wear the "Recycling" Queen Crown with pride.
If I can't recycle it, I try my best to upcycle it, donate it, or reuse it.
I NEVER throw away stretchy plastic unless it's holding my garbage (And that greatly pains me), and I even recycle our toothbrushes and pens (I have to mail them off, but I will not throw them away!!)...

So when I saw an idea on pinterest (Don't all ideas come from there?) I knew I had to try it!

For my birthday a couple of months ago I received gift cards to get new cowgirl boots... (Yeeehaaaww)...

I liked the front of the gift cards (Thank you Mom) with the photos of the Texas Flag and a Barn in the Country, so I decided to keep those.
The other side... Not so much... It was the side that had to be upcycled...

So I got out my trusty bottle of Mod Podge, slapped on some cute red polka dot paper (I love me some polka dots) and some plain white paper on top of the red.
(Putting down scrap paper as not to damage the table)

I wrote my name, address and phone numbers on the white paper before I mod podged it.
Once it was dry I punched holes in the plastic with a basic hole punch.


Of course I don't have hearts all over my luggage tags, but this IS the internet, so I "hearted" it.
Yes, I know that "hearted" isn't a word.
Maybe I can make it my word? 
"I Hearted all over my luggage tags"
Moving on...
I'm quite happy how they turned out, I added some ribbon and attached one to my suit case and the other one to my carry on!

Just like pennies can add up in our bank accounts, the little things that we do for the Planet can also add up. Every piece of plastic that you recycle or upcycle means it stays off of our beaches and out of our landfills... remember people, PLASTIC NEVER GOES AWAY, it breaks down into smaller pieces, but it doesn't go away. So unless you recycle it, it just sits around. 

Did you know there is actually a beach in Hawaii made out of plastic? Did you know that there is a new rock that has formed in Hawaii made out of plastic? That is seriously sad... Don't believe me? Have a Peek... New Hawaiian Rock

I will hop off of my soap box, but only for now!
I Hope the weekend brings you much joy, contentment and peace,
Tammy x


  1. I like this idea! Such a clever way to reuse something that can't be recycled!

  2. What a GREAT idea. I'll have to keep this in mind.

  3. That is too cool! What a awesome idea! As a teacher, I get a ton of these gift cards, I will have to do this myself! So useful for so many things!

  4. What a great idea Tammy, especially as you liked the pictures so much on the fronts of the cards! Now you and your luggage will always be connected! xx

  5. What a great idea for your luggage labels. Useful and helping the planet.

  6. I have actually done this too! And then your luggage will be easily recognized by you, rather than purchasing 'unique' luggage tags that look just like everyone else's. :-)


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