Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Butterfly World, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Before we left for Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys, I googled...( Doesn't everyone?) And I found "Butterfly World"...

Well, who doesn't love a pretty butterfly? Google Map on, and off we went!

Butterfly world is a nice experience and though I found it a bit on the pricey side...$70 for an adult and 2 children, we did really enjoy the trip. There are butterflies (Of course), many wild birds (some you can feed), an insect museum, (I left scratching and swatting away invisible bugs) a rain forest, garden and beautiful vegetation. It's set on beautiful grounds.

It's a relatively small place and can be walked in about 30 minutes if you don't stop and look around, but we stopped...  a lot.

All of the Butterflies are bred right there at Butterfly World so there is no importing of or removing butterflies from their environment. The first thing you will see when you visit Butterfly World is the Butterfly Research Center.
Then the exciting part ... The Butterflies!
Hundreds of different species, and for the life of me, I couldn't get a decent photo!
Yes, I went to Butterfly World and was so excited by the gorgeous scenery that I couldn't get a good picture (That's my story and I'm sticking with it! Little suckers are faster than you'd think!)

The children enjoyed feeding the Lorikeets the most, it's $1 for a tiny cup of this sweet juice that they feed them, and the birds land on you or are put on you gently by a bird keeper (Seriously, I don't know what you call the people that take care of the birds!!)

Would you believe it was the first time I saw a pineapple growing?

Or Bamboo growing.
I seriously need to get out more!

Did I mention the Insect Museum? 
Most of the bugs were on display and were very dead.
If I never see these in real life, it will be too soon!
Check out the bugs that are bigger than my daughters head!

However, there were some very alive ones, when we saw the huge nest of cock roaches, we were outta there!
(Those things creep me out!)

But the flowers... Ahh the Floridian flowers...
I don't know what is native to Florida, but because of the warmth, lots of greenery and beauty grows.

The birds?
Well they had some pretty awesome ones. I saw my first live quail.. seriously, I'm embarrassed now.
I do promise to get out more...

I captured about as many photos of the birds, as I did the butterflies....
Fast lil suckers!

I could post photos all night, there was so much amazing in one small place,
I'm not even scratching the surface of the beauty,
So okay... Yes, I change my mind, it was totally worth the money!

When you leave, you have to hit the gift shop, I didn't buy anything, but Hannah had to have these butterfly wings, she has had a lot of fun with them, great gift for any little girl!

If you get the chance and you're in Fort Lauderdale
Visit Butterfly World, you won't regret it, and it will only take a few hours out of your day!

Opened 7 days 
Monday -Saturday 9-5
Sunday 11-5
Last Admission on all days is 4pm
Located in Tradewinds Park South
3600 W. Sample Road, Coconut Creek,
Florida, 33073 U.S.A.

I hope your week is going well!
Tammy x


  1. Looks like a great place to visit. The gift shop is usually the exit for this sort of place! I've tried taking pictures of butterflies too and it is practically impossible - with my wee camera anyway.

  2. So fun!! They have a small butterfly area at Moody Gardens that we took the kids to and that was fun!! This is a much bigger scale! =)

  3. I visited a butterfly centre once before and it was great. I am glad you had a great day out with your children. x

  4. Butterfly world looks wonderful. I loved seeing the butterflies and birds but I would have to give that insect museum a miss, they made my skin crawl. I'm with Hannah on the butterfly wings, they're wonderful. Hope your trip planning is going well.
    Ali xx

  5. Excellent!! There is a butterfly world near us that I would love for Luke to take me too. I wouldn't have liked the cockroaches so much and I think 'bird keeper' is a perfectly acceptable term to use!

  6. I would like a pair of those butterfly wings too, they look like so much fun!

  7. That looks like a wonderful place to visit and I'd be tempted to buy those wings! I think butterflies are fascinating. We once saw the whole road, woods, etc. thick with Monarchs in the countryside in Mexico where the Monarchs migrate to (to avoid Wisconsin winters.) lol
    Hope you all have a wonderful week, Tammy!

  8. We had one of these parks near us. The humidity as you step in was so heavy but to watch the butterflies feeding and landing on you was brilliant. The insect house was not my favourite either, mainly for the leaf cutting ants that would be crawling above our heads on the ropes and then the spiders! Oh my goodness, I'm squirming as I write this!! Great for the kids and very educational. Love the wings!! Have a great week Tammy xx

  9. Hi Tammy, this looks like a fun place to visit with the kids. I just realized that I remember seeing this place on Jon & Kate Plus 8. I think she took the younger girls there.


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