Friday, January 2, 2015

Flying planes on fuel, Made from your garbage!

I'm starting a new series on my blog...

Friday Eco Facts

Maybe not EVERY Friday, as you never know when one might be tending to children, or traveling the world... With said children.

Environmental Issues are extremely important to me. And though I do like to travel, I try to offset my carbon footprint by being as Earth friendly as possible, in other areas of my life.

Living day to day life. Honestly, the way we consume, buy, eat, commute and dispose of our waste are some of the biggest obstacles, we all face on a daily basis. For those of us trying to leave a small footprint that is. For those of you that don't care... Please allow me to cringe for every plastic bottle you throw away.

I've already caught some *crap* for sending out Christmas cards this year, what I thought was a bit of cheer. I was reminded what a waste of paper, money and... well there is that issue of CO2 from flying those planes around. In fact a friend even said to me "What kind of Environmentalist sends out Christmas Cards? Does it matter if I recycle all of my cards? No?

But what if (and we all know it wasn't) but what if the planes that were flying around my paper cards of cheer were, none other than, British Airways?

You think I've lost the plot now don't you? I haven't.

Though I know that British Airways aren't in the business of delivering my personal cards across the pond, I do know that they are part of my Friday Eco Fact.

Did you know that British Airways has teamed up with Solena Fuels and by 2017 will (if all goes as planned) start to use fuel that has been made out of household garbage?

Yep. Your banana peels... Are flying planes.
Even better news... Did you know that Virgin Airlines, have already begun flying some of their planes, on a bio-fuel blend?

If Virgin and British Airways can hop on this Eco band-wagon, then I see no reason why others wouldn't want to follow suit? Well. They have!! Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines also fly some flights using bio-fuel.
(I really should get a discount on my next ticket for plugging these Airlines!!)

Seriously though... The "London Green Sky Project", is fantastic news. It's the first of it's kind because it uses household waste. If our garbage can be turned into bio-fuel, we can fly with the knowledge that, our trash is literally carting us around the planet!

Am I the only one that gets passionately excited about these kinds of things?
It's an amazing technology. Think about it. YOUR garbage, collected up in London, and turned to fuel. British Airways is committed to using local trash. It helps the communities in London by keeping the boroughs clean and keeping the municipal garbage out of the landfills.
If you want every juicy sorted detail about the project, you can read even more about it in this Environment and Energy Publication.

British Airways is by far my favorite airline. But when it comes to Earth friendly air travel, I'll go with any airline, committed to helping me, to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

So air travel may soon be more environmentally friendly, than we imagined possible!  


Happy New Year,
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  1. Hi Tammy Happy New Year to you! Thank you for my Texas Christmas card! which did bring cheer and originality!.... But interesting thoughts on flying and cards. I love the let grow card idea, I've never seen this before. Last night I dream't someone told me it's better to travel on the ground. A strange thing to wake up thinking?... That's fine for Europe, but more difficult for long haul travel. I do like the sounds of bio fuel for planes, it's about time isn't it. Keep us posted. I hope 2015 brings lots of great adventures for you, Heather X

  2. It's good to know that these large corporations are taking notice now. And, just to say, that I won't be recycling your card and letter, instead it will be going into my memory box :-) xx

  3. I like the sound of this new series and I'm looking forward to seeing more Friday Eco Facts. How interesting that planes have started to use bio-fuels, I would love to travel more abroad with a little less guilt about my carbon footprint!

    (by the way I loved my Christmas card, thank you very much. I think there's room for card sending and being eco-friendly, it's all about balance :)

  4. Hi Tammy, I told you your amazing. I have learned so much reading this. The Christmas card sending is a really big quandary for me. I love to send and receive them but I recently heard that all the cards sent in the UK (if turned into money) could build and run 5 hospitals for a year. I'm pleased you highlighted the airlines who are more environmentally friendly it will make me think the next time I fly.
    All the best for 2015.
    Ali xx

  5. This is amazing though, all those airmiles making an environmental difference!

  6. I don't think that sending cards is non green, it is probably the only time that you actually send things out in the post in the year en masse, and other than birthday cards few of us send things via the post much these days, so really, I don't think it is so terrible! I am sure that you in particular do lots of things to offset this in any case. I love the idea of seed cards, it is a card and a present that way! xx

  7. That is just awesome! I really do get mad when people talk about the world ending and such defeatism, I actually think we can do great things and are slowly beginning to move in the right direction.

  8. Excellent - that's very interesting.

  9. Very interesting and an infinitely better use of garbage than landfill!

  10. I guess I get what people are saying, but I surely enjoy getting snail mail!!! Thank you! ;)
    I'm so glad to see airlines taking this leap!! I know cars are capable of it too, if it weren't for people stopping it from moving forward! I will be very interested in seeing what you have to share!!


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