Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Summer 2015 Favorites...

We had a phenomenal summer, we very were blessed.

I have very special friends that live in England and Ireland, they are the kind of friends that just make you feel loved and accepted, the kind of friends that make you feel like there is no one more important than you. I have such amazing friends.

My friend Hazel at Procrastibake catered to us yanks and showed us proper Irish heritage (more on that later)! and her family even put on a couple of American BBQ's... YeeHaw! Thanks again Hazel and Mike!

My friend Selena (Call her new grandma GiGi) is a fellow Texan, living in London, her and her husband treated me and my children to proper English food... If you ever get a chance to visit a Bumpkin restaurant in London... Just yum!

And last but far from least. When I was 18, I met a man named Willie. He introduced myself and my then husband to all of his family, we were all very close when we lived in England in 88-92. The story continues... One of his sons, married a girl... They had children. Who knew that 27 years later, I would still be friends with said "girl"... who had girls of her own, who have also become friends, well... actually family. It is said that you can't choose your family, but that's not really true... After 27 years, people become family. I call them "My Corby Family" I miss them terribly.

Good thing there are such things as airplanes... :)

In closing I would like to add that my attempt to have an American themed BBQ for my family in Corby was amusing at best, oh we did have some great food... BBQ Beans, Potato Salad, Sausages, Ribs and Stuffed Cheeseburgers. Except, the cheeseburgers fell apart. Down through the BBQ slats they started to go, sizzling and becoming one with the coals, Corby family mom did rescue them though, and they finished cooking in the oven.. they were more like taco mince by the time we got them, but they were delicious nonetheless. Seriously though, what kind of Texan am I? What kind of Texan can't manage a stuffed burger? I totally need to step up my BBQ game y'all!!

Have a great week!

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  1. Oh so funny Tammy!! You poor thing not managing to get the burgers how you wanted them to be. I would blame the British BBQ rather than your skills!!! Sounds as though you had a great summer!! So glad you have so many international friends! xx


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