Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Citymapper App

When I was in London this past summer, I went equipped with what I knew would be the best apps for a summer in London, ready and installed on my phone. I knew I'd have no problem whizzing around the city and finding cool things to do.

Then, (there is always a "then" when traveling) my son decided he didn't want to get on the underground. He didn't like it. Not one bit.
How do people travel in London without the underground trains?

I quickly learned.

We got so lost on the buses, trying to get from King's Cross to The Natural History Museum, that we gave up and went back to our flat. I turned to facebook to vent my frustrations.

That's when a friend told me that I couldn't live without the citymapper app.

She was right.

It boasts about being "The Ultimate Transport app", and, after 2 months of traveling in and out of London, I'm a firm believer, it IS the Ultimate transport app.

If you are going to be in London, download the Citymapper App, it's free! 

I think the hardest part about taking buses in London is actually FINDING your bus stop, they are all labeled, A, B, C... so on and so on, but London is a huge city. Just around King's Cross there is an endless sea of bus stops. However, if you're like me, and you get turned around easily, it's okay. Wherever you end up, just let citymapper tell you the best way to your destination, no matter where you are. Bus stops in London have wonderful maps and are good at letting you know where they go and where they stop (mostly), but if you're a stranger in any city, you want specifics!! After getting citymapper, I felt at ease. 

Not only will this app tell you the quickest way to go, it will give you the option of walking, using the tube, the train, a car, a bus or a bike. It even tells you how many calories you will burn walking and how much a taxi will cost.

Upon returning to Austin, I investigated to see if Citymapper had an App for Austin, no such luck. But I did make a suggestion, and hopefully they will soon be in my home city!

Here are the other lucky cities to have this great app.
Mexico City DF, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Toronto, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Montreal, Boston, Vancouver, Manchester, Birmingham, Lisboa, Sao Paulo, Randstad, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Hamburg, Lyon, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Rome, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

If you want to be able to use this app where you are, you can go to the Citymapper website and vote for your city to be added!

There are a lot of great London apps, but of all that I used, this is the only one that I used almost daily. It made navigating around London (children in tow), so easy!

If you have other travel app suggestions, please let me know, I'm always up for a good app!
Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


  1. I love the CityMapper app, it's great that you can use the map offline if you don't have internet access (because the other app that I use all the time when out and about is Google Maps, which of course you need the internet to use!)

  2. That's amazing! I know it will come in handy for when I am out and about on those city breaks that I so love - thanks for sharing :)

  3. I use google maps too! I actually really like google maps, and I can use it at home when I have mobile internet, but when I'm in London, I use the app before I leave the house, or stop by a wi-fi spot, which I am finding are quite easy to access in London, they are everywhere!


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