Monday, August 1, 2016

Lessons Learned ... My Expensive Travel Mistakes

We all make mistakes right?

Well why do mine have to be of ridiculously, monumental, amounts? All I have to say is, it's a good thing my head is attached, as I would probably leave it somewhere.

I'm linking up with some travel bloggers, all of which are sharing their lessons on travel. I seem to learn the most by making really big mistakes!! (One of them, only a few weeks ago). Please, allow me to share with you, what you should NOT be doing!
Monumental Mistake/Lesson One:

My first big travel error was last year, when we spent the summer in the UK. One of our adventures took us to Ireland. (Ooooo how I love it there; I can't think of Ireland without thinking of miles of pristine emerald green fields). We were to be in Limerick for a week, we were staying in a lovely flat that over looked the River Shannon and spending a lot of time with my friend Hazel and her family. We had a lot of mini tours around Ireland. It was magnificent... there is just no other word. Apparently it was all just too enchanting for me, because upon returning one night, to check our reservations for the next day, I realized that I had missed our flight that morning. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FECK. Who does that? Who actually misses their flight by a whole day? I went into panic mode and I called the airline, which happened to be Ryanair (Have I mentioned they are a &*#*^ airline?) Ryanair of course did nothing, (as I expected) and gave me prices over 700 Euro for 3 tickets to London--One Way. It's a very good thing that I found flights on skyscanner for half the price. I have no idea what I was thinking. It's very, very apparent that I wasn't.
Now when I fly? I keep my itinerary printed out and on me... I look at it several times, I singe it on my brain.
Monumental Mistake/Lesson Two:

I booked a trip to NYC, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps... I then later decided that I wanted to take my daughter with me. I booked her flight going one way, (ensuring carefully that we got on the same plane) and then a couple of days later, I booked the other part of the ticket (I waited hoping to get a better deal, but I didn't want to push my luck too much, so that we got on the same plane, I went ahead and booked the return ticke a couple of days later)... Well. The ticket back from NYC, for my daughter, I accidently booked in my name. Let me tell you what happens when you book a ticket in the wrong name. American Airlines will do absolutely nothing to help you. It will be so sad and too bad. I was so obsessed with getting my daughter on my flight that I booked her in my own name. It seems to me it would be so easy to go onto the AA website and change the name, but I'm afraid that now days, with all of the security that's about, that can't be done. I'm not complaining about security. Just the opposite. But you must book your tickets carefully these days. If caught early enough, I'm sure the airlines will help. I however, had to book a whole new ticket. Double the price (I think they prey on our stupidity... ok ok just kidding... they have their rules, I get it). As if NYC isn't expensive enough, messing up my daughters ticket, NYC turned out to be as expensive as a trip to London.
My advice?

When you book your tickets, seriously pay attention to what you're doing. Never rush. THINK.. Book undistracted! I'm a seasoned traveler, I grew up traveling with my family in the military, I lived in England for 4 years and I've traveled many many places... I should not be making these kinds of travel mistakes. But that's why they are called "Mistakes". We don't mean to make them.
However, I'd like to think that I learn from my mistakes and only make them once... (Men and Dieting are excluded!)
Happy travels!!

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