Friday, September 22, 2017

36 Hours in Paris

Things I've learned from 36 hours in Paris. 

1) The women are tres fashionable
2) There are a lot of motorcycles & the drivers are batshit crazy. 
3) If there is no lane to drive in, a french driver will create one. 
4) The French take their Nutella VERY seriously. 
5) Public transportation in Paris is fantastic!
6) The Eiffel Tower is completely over rated.
7) PDA is not a problem, and is seen often.
8) There are Americans EVERYWHERE!
9) The British & Americans believe in Escalators, The French believe in stairs.
10) "Parlez vous anglais?" Goes a long way... The French at least try English, if you try French...
11) French policemen are tres smokin hot!
12) McDonald's is called McCafe
13) French men freely give women compliments.
14) There is a Metro station named Franklin D. Roosevelt.
15) French fries are not called French fries 
16) Even at midnight this city is very busy. The Metro was packed, as were the streets, on a Sunday night.
17) It would take years to completely explore this city!
18) There are armed policemen all over Paris.
19) Food is double the price near any monument.
20) The myth that french people are rude, is just not true!

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