Thursday, November 9, 2017

Travel Destinations 2018

Whenever I can see a new year creeping in on the horizon, the only thing that I can think of, besides "Did this year go fast, or is it just me?".. I always consider my travel destination. Where I want to go, What I want to see, Where I want to take my children and how many places can I afford to visit?

My 15 year old has taken to telling me, as of late, that traveling is just wasting my money. After I passed out cold, I came to, and let that statement settle in my brain cells for a few seconds. The thing is, and I told my son, this IS what I want to spend my money on. I want to travel. I want to see things. I want to meet new people. I want to take trains, planes, buses and boats! The inside of an airport isn't stressful to me, it's electric energy! Fully charged with eager people, waiting to reach dream destinations! (Business travelers may disagree :)

Though I have not yet worked out all of the dates, as any mom I have to work around school dates, schedules and work. I know that these are some of the places we want to travel this year. My 12 year old daughter is a huge collaborating force in where I travel these days. She loves to travel, honestly, I thought I was a wanderluster. I've created quite the little travel bug.

So here we go.

In January, I like to bring the new year in while in London, that won't change this year. I spend Christmas with my children and then leave on Boxing day for London.

In February, Hannah and I are planning on freezing our buns off a bit and flying to Iceland, because seeing the northern lights would be phenomenal! I haven't seen them since I lived in Maine in the early 80's.
In March I want to do a couple of local trips. We only just moved to Washington State 3 weeks ago and I found out today that there is a glass museum in Tacoma. 
Complete need right? Need to visit! The good news is it's only 30 minutes drive from us and there is a Natural History Museum as well. So Tacoma it is. I have actually heard negative things about this small city, so I'm intent on finding the good!
We will also be going to Seattle in March. I figure after a very long winter, Seattle will be just the ticket. I mean, who doesn't want to see the gum wall? I'll instinctively complain about how gross it is, and then add my very own chewed piece :) 
Then there is the Pike Market, Space Needle and another glass museum.
This one looks phenomenal
Images from The Trover Website
I'm super excited about what I'm planning for April 
I'm planning a trip to Juan Island to Whale Watch! It's like a serious check off of the ole bucket list, it's right up there with watching Sea Turtles hurry back to sea after hatching. I'm seriously beside myself!
To be honest, May is still undecided. It's my birthday month, and I just don't know where I want to go! I'll poke into London at some point... I'm sure... Maybe I will just hang around home. Maybe. 
June is the Red Wood forest in California ... More super excitement. I have a thing for trees. They are true loves. There is one right outside my friends house in Ireland that I adore and another one by Tower Bridge that I love. Honestly, I'm not a weirdo. I just love trees!
July and August is all about the kids, it's summer vacation... and since we are in a new State. We are going to explore Washington. On the Agenda... Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helen, Ruby Beach and Olympic State Park
August brings us Europe. Hannah and I will be creeping our way through Europe again. 2018 we are going to Greece (Athens and Santorini) and Italy (Venice and Rome). We are slowly making our way around Europe, in summer 2017 we went to Limerick and Paris, it was our second trip to Limerick, and yes... we will go again. There is just something about Ireland, it's breathtaking and peaceful. 
The coming year though, it's Greece and Italy. There aren't enough adjectives in the world to describe our elation!
Is there anything more exciting than packing, knowing you're going on an incredible journey? Almost all travel is educational, but this one will be especially educational for myself and my daughter. Roman and Greek history? I can hardly contain myself!
September, October, November, December
Very often, we enjoy the holidays with family. Family is very important to me and I like the holidays to be ground in tradition. The older the kids get, the more I would rather have experiences for them, instead of presents under the Christmas tree, but with having 5 kids, 3 already adults, those experiences aren't always easy to arrange. So I'm often playing these 3 months by ear. Because I know at some point, I will be able to spend time with all of them. We live in different States, so travel will be involved some how. 

I have a real itch to go to Boston and Charleston as well. 
Maybe I'll win the lottery and be able to squeeze them in! 
So many places to go!
So few days off of work :)

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