Sunday, February 4, 2018

100 Simple Pleasures in Life

I have always loved the simple pleasures in life and when I saw that a fellow blogger, (Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons) shared her list , it really made me think about what I am grateful for. What makes me smile and what makes my heart and mind feel soothed.

When I lived in Austin, Texas I felt as if the world was go go go go ... everywhere we went there was traffic. If you have ever been to Austin, you know that there is no public transport except the bus. So if you want to get anywhere, you have to drive. It takes an hour to get anywhere, if not more. Traffic has always been an issue, but when the city went from a few hundred thousand to 2 million people within a short period of time, Austin became a concrete jungle. Don't get me wrong, there are still delights of this city... but the over crowding has really taken the quaintness and originality from the state capital. In one word. Stress. Austin had become stressful for me. 

We then moved to Olympia, Washington. The complete opposite of Austin. The population of Olympia? 51,000. 

We live in the country, a few miles from town. It's quiet, it's beautiful and it's peaceful. The weather here is a lot like Ireland. Mostly mild weather, rainy winters and very very green. I have heard the summers can get hot, but I've yet to experience one.

So here are my top 100 simple pleasures in life, in no particular order, as they came to mind.

I'll start with the obvious.. My children are my heart.

~Spending time with my Nick and his wife, My son and his wife
~Spending time with my Joshua and his wife, My 2nd son and his wife
~Spending time with my Chris, my 3rd son
~Spending time with my Andy, my 4th son
~Spending time with my Hannah, my youngest and only daughter

~Watching my children grow and develop into amazing adults and human beings
~Laughing with my brother Lee 
~Being with and helping my dad as he ages
~Watching my niece grow into a young lady
~Hanging out with Heather, my friend and sister-in-law, we don't even have to be talking

~Petting my dog... or any dog... and giving them a big love
~Kissing  my dog's nose
~Cuddling with my daughter, she still lets me hold her and give her huge snuggles. 
~The first sip of hot tea in the morning
~Listening to the rain fall

~Snuggling up warm in the winter and watching chick flicks
~Seeing sheers blow in the breeze of an opened window
~Watching and hearing the wind blow through tall pine trees
~Smelling flowers
~Seeing the first bud of flowers in the early spring

~Bright red and orange leaves on trees in the fall
~Crunchy leaves under foot
~Breathing in deeply crisp, cool and fresh country air
~Listening to the laughter of people I love
~Running my fingers through Rocco's fur (Our pet schnauzer)

~Looking at the mountains (Washington has beautiful mountains)
~Walking towards and then seeing my first view of Tower Bridge (Every few months, it's the same feeling)
~Kissing the man I love
~The smell of fresh laundry
~Getting into bed and having fresh clean sheets

~My feather pillow
~Laughing when my teenage son slips on his cowboy boots when wearing shorts (He laughs too... but doesn't care what others think)
~The anticipation of traveling
~Knowing my children are healthy, gives me contentment
~A full tank of gas

~Hearing the ocean crash against the shore
~Walking on the beach hunting for sea shells or looking for tiny crabs... to watch but not catch
~Watching Dolphins swim freely
~The smell of a puppy
~Watching chickens, no rhyme or reason why... I like chickens, they are funny little things

~Seeing the first buds of flowers in the Spring
~Running my hands along a very old tree (Yes, I actually do this)
~Sitting on a cross country train watching the scenery go by
~Fresh flowers in vases
~Baking for my dairy free son

~Walking barefoot in Northern grass
~Seeing Southern Magnolia's in bloom
~Cotton clothing against my skin
~Reading a book in the quiet
~Being hugged tightly by one of my adult children

~The smell of vanilla
~A long, warm bath in a very big bathtub
~Having my hair washed and brushed by someone else
~Watching children play
~Knowing I'm loved

~Getting a text or whatsapp message from a friend
~Seeing a friend after years and feeling the same, as if we never parted
~Christmas lights
~Easter colors
~Watching leaves blow in the wind

~Listening to my teenagers tell me what they want to do in life... so much time, so many dreams
~Thinking about my mom, even if I shed a tear
~Knowing that a friend has succeeded in a life goal, I really love that
~Getting good uninterrupted sleep
~Knowing I don't have to get up at 6:00am

~A sharp knife when cutting tomatoes!!!
~The smell of cinnamon
~Fresh snow
~Job security
~Seeing beautiful cotton growing in the southern USA

~Watching my daughter dance
~Warm breezy days
~Clean eye glasses
~Going to the library (In any country) and browsing through books
~Fresh laundry hanging outside

~Apple picking in the fall
~Bonfires with family
~Meals cooked on a grill
~Hearing thunder
~The smell after a rain storm

~Seeing pumpkins --Everywhere, in the fall
~Listening to Andy and Chris play the guitar
~Unexpected happy mail
~A warm day with no mosquitoes
~A clean house

~A relaxing Sunday
~Walking in the country
~Watching deer creep into your yard and walk around
~Smelling wood burning in the fire place
~Quiet. Complete unadulterated quiet.

~Listening to Doves. They remind me of sitting on my parents back porch.
~Watching the Northern lights race across the winter sky
~Visiting the rainforest in Washington State
~The smell of lavender

~Holding a baby
~Looking through family photos, both past and present
~Clean, crisp, white oxford shirts
~Ice water on a hot summer day
~How excited my dog is to see me when I've been out. Dogs are awesome!

That's my list, though I could go on, about dogs :)
And my kids...
These are the things that I love, and I'm lucky enough to have traveled the world and lived many places to be able to experience and re-experience a lot of things.
If you do a 100 list, I'd love to read yours!

I hope you have a great Sunday and upcoming week,

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