Monday, November 12, 2018

Rudy's-- Some of the best BBQ in Texas!

Since we are on the subject of Gas Stations, and by we, I mean me. I can't let Rudy's go unannounced.

Now. Sit down.
Any Rudy's BBQ restaurant that you go to, is located... In. A. Gas. Station.
No kidding.
I don't know why.
It's just how we do things here in Texas.

Texans are a peculiar breed of people.
But we know BBQ.
Some of the best BBQ in the World is in Texas, I'm not being biased -- Honest -- Read about it HERE OR better yet, you can do your own research and find that there are several award winning BBQ places in Tejas*

When we have company from out of town, we always take them to Rudy's. Not only is the food good and the conversation of dining in a gas station one for amusement, but-----you don't get plates, nope, not here-- You have to eat off of the table. You literally get a sheet of wax paper to lay down and you must proceed to plop your food on it and eat from there. After you get a lot of side eye from first time visitors, it's a hoot!
The food is good, the atmosphere is welcoming and it's just a lot of fun!
The photos I have included are taken over the last 4 years, we have been several times, with a lot of friends and family. Both Procrastibake and The London Kiwi enjoyed their visits!
Outside of all Rudy's, is this massive container that says it has BBQ sauce in it. Now Rudy's is famous for their sauce, but, is this just a marketing tool? Or do they really have BBQ sauce in there?
When you go into Rudy's, you can pay for your gas, or you can make a sharp turn and get into this line...
If you get impatient, you can always use the cattle prod!
You will order your food and drinks and you'll be given your grub in a small crate that looks like this... You have the choice to have a pile of white sliced bread to go with your meal. BBQ isn't meant to be healthy, it's just meant to be good!
Upon writing this, I haven't been to Rudy's in awhile. Now that I am looking at the photos, I am literally cringing over the plastic silver ware and the wax paper-- both of which can't be recycled. (Even environmentalists are forever learning, and I am not embarrassed to bring my own silverware or write the company with suggestions for eco-friendly utensils!!!)

Oh and feel free to drink the BBQ Sauce... Not really, though I doubt anyone would bat an eye if you did, it's really THAT good. It's also available for purchase.
Rudy's hails itself as "Being the worst BBQ in Texas", which makes it so amusing, as it's absolutely delicious!
It has a rustic and family get together feel
Finding a location to eat at Rudy's in Texas, isn't hard, they are all over the state!
So there you have it, a 2nd proof that Texans are somehow enamored by the local Gas Stations!

Winter has reached us here in Texas, and we are currently freezing our royal nay nay's off. However, it's for such a short period of time here, we can deal with it.

Have a great week and if I don't blog before then, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


*(Tejas is the Spanish spelling of a Caddo word taysha, which means "friend" or "ally". In the 17th century the Spanish knew the westernmost Caddo peoples as "the great kingdom of Tejas" and the name lived on to become the name of the 28th state of the United States—Texas

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